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  1. Windows XP Service Pack 3 (KB936929)

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is an update to Windows XP that addresses key feedback from our customers and is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for Windows XP, including security updates. Windows XP SP3 contains a small number of new updates and should not significantly change the Windows XP experience. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

    How to Uninstall

    This software update can be removed via Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

    Get help and support



    Be advised if you try to install SP3 using windows update, it will take hours.

    Download SP3 from Microsoft download centre first all 316mB of it, then install from downloaded program.

  2. It seems, that my satellite isp has got cold feet, they have decided to cut off the UK from their transmissions.

    BskyB have sent letters to all outside uk transmitting satellite companies, with the threat of legal action.


    I have contacted BskyB telling them of the situation, that because of their threat, my broadband company will no longer connect me.

    I asked them when will I be supplied with BskyB satellite broadband, their answer is never, they dont supply such a system, but to get in touch with a UK supplier.


    Apparently my broadband supplier does not have a license to transmit into the UK, which they have to buy from BskyB, all abit political.

  3. My Broadband is via satellite, using a company that is now in Germany used to be by a uk based company, but this German company has bought them, and closed down the Uk branch.

    So I actually pay for my Sat connection in Euros to Germany.

    This has not been a problem for the last 5 years.

    But just recieved an E-mail from them stating that because of a legal dispute with BskyB they are no longer allowed to transmit to the UK.


    How do I find any info on a legal dispute between Teles-skydsl and BskyB?

  4. many thanks for your replies,


    it is an 1800cc diesel,


    When it happened, she was just pulling away from a junction, she heard no unusual noises, car just stopped, but she tried to re-start it, now the engine will not even turn over on the ignition.


    can I tell if its an interference engine or not by looking in the engine compartment?

  5. Info needed,


    Cam belt has gone on my wifes car, which is a Ford Fiesta Classic Diesel 1996 (N reg)


    Do you think this is a garage job?


    A repair someone can do following the haynes manual, if I can find one...


    PS:- Would the failure of the cam belt have caused other damage, ie: valves going through pistons....etc


    your guidance would be much appreciated...



  6. I have also been informed, that if you purchase a top set box or freeview to pickup these Digital channels, you need to replace your analogue aerial to digital aerial, when the switch over happens.


    I can see the installation companies putting there prices up, if this is the case.

  7. Was outbid on a router table last night!!! Only by £64!!!! I bid £50 and it went for £114?! So I have now bid on another, but a CHEAPER one!! I only need it to rebate timber to accept a piece of cladding!! So anyway, is ANYONE able to collect and if need be HOLD this item for me for a couple of weeks to a couple of months possibly?? Basically till I can collect it? PLEAS if you can as I stupidly placed the bid and THEN thought "HOW THE HELL am I supposed to collect it??" Typical of moi!!



    I maybe able to help, PM me if required

  8. been asked about this for use in france by several people as having LOTS of hassle from French Telecom!!





    I am using satellite for my internet connection.


    I am using one way sat for downloads only, about 16MB download speed.

    Am using dialup to upload, this is ok for my needs.


    Costs are:-


    cost of dialup in my case £12.00 a month

    Sat costs 18euros (sorry couldn`t find Euros symbol on keyboard) for a max of 3GB.

    very easy to setup and very reliable had it for 4years and no problems at all.

  9. No XP and Vista are compatable.


    You need to connect the cross-over cable to your network ports. Making sure the ports are enabled and the drivers loaded.

    Then give your XP machine an I/P address and a sub net mask of and a computer name eg:HOME


    Then on your laptop I/P address of and a subnet mask of and a computer name of eg:LAPTOP


    You could use server assigned i/P addresses and DHCP but i find this a pain when you want both PC`s to use the internet at the same time.

  10. ok Its the Javelin LC 12-1 Active PL not the wedge,

    Have sent you schematic (LC 12-1 Active PL.pdf)


    Have sent you docs that i have, will have to dig deeper in archive.

    Will send, when I find them.


    For your info machine was used in either a Pub (unlikly because of colour) or costa coffee(more likley)


    If you have any questions you would like to ask with ref: PC, please do my technical team will have the answers.


    I think I may still be able to get spare parts, need to check racking in warehouse

  11. cant find the part number PN-53000018


    Trying to find which model you have any other numbers?


    Does it look like a wedge of cheese which is the normal type of Javelin.


    Or is the Screen on a base that you can tilt with the motherboard in the base

  12. What tends to happen when these PC`s boot up they should boot straight into the till software, but if it cannot detect the receipt printer, bar code scanner or another type of external hardware, it will cause an error.


    It is not a matter of de-installing the till software as it has been embedded into windows 98.


    You may need to format the hardrive and re-install windows98, but then you will lose the touch screen capability, which is not going to be a problem because i can get hold of the program. Its called micro-touch or ELO. I think you can download it from PC-pos web site.


    To connect PC to PC without the use of a hub ie:- network port to network port you will need a cross-over cable.


    I will get some info together.


    I now have info, alot of it. including tech tips :thumbs:


    Can you check the size of the hardrive and let me know, because the max size is 2Gb, but there is a known cheat to allow larger size.

  13. Its a Javlin wedge made by PC-POS.


    If you need any info or spec, should be able to help as i work for PC-POS


    You can connect the network ports together so long as the cable you are using is a cross-over cable.


    PS:- Its actually a till from a retail shop

  14. Who or where can I go to complain about BT?


    Its official my street can now get broadband, except me!!! due to an administration error, I am unable to order or get broadband activated.


    All the line tests results come back ok. All the technical Guys say I am ok


    But according to customer services who agree that broadband will work, states that due to an error on their computer system, which apparently is called SMART, cannot activate or let me order the equipment. Cannot even go to another ISP supplier.

    Nobody it seems knows how to get rid of this error


    I have sent numerous complaints to BT, no response. All i get is a reference number :wallbash:


    Have been promised that the "Offline Team" will contact me, but they never call.


    After 2months I am getting a bit fed up, it takes an hour every day on the phone to actually talk to someone, and nobody can sort it. :wallbash:

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