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  1. we kinda have a digital bill of rights but its not what you hope it is. it's more geared to screwing you over. the name of it escapes me at the moment.


    the other one we have (IPB = investigatory powers bill) also designed to screw you over, can be contested by the EHCR and IS illegal. but meh, uk gov, snooping, etc, all a load of balls.

  2. Get straight back on to social services as a matter of urgency. Even though the case worker is on leave someone will/should take it over while they are away.


    Ive been through this and it all sounds familiar with my nephew and his mum. Even the "i dont need to do what you yell me, mum said so" chat back. Her judgement in the kind of male company she kept was a matter of record with the social services.


    the poland trip and leaving your kid with a stranger is a massive red flag that social should be treating as urgent and needs addressed they need to know whats going on with your lad and his safety and being looked after properly. Get back on to them mate. They shouldnt be allowing that at all if your son is still being monitored.

  3. Dont move the goal posts now ken :lol:


    We were talking about multiculturism and how its replaced your culture somehow a veil is it the center of it. The straw man argument was that daft video of innocent looking women wearing veils walking down a street and attrubuting a loss of british culture to it.

  4. Oh that video is not biased at all ken. Im being sarcastic. It Shows a nice video of daily life in the late 70's/80's ? Then shows a few clips of angry muslims.


    Things can be done differently. Like authorities getting a backbone. Forcing muslims to not display their culture in public is ironic somehow but i cant come up with a witty retort.


    So long as the law is not broken people should be able to show their culture with pride. Not be forced to adhere to yours.

  5. Not at all - and of course they're not threatening. It simply shows the degree to which British culture has been replaced in cities like Birmingham.

    Your culture has not been replaced.

  6. Scotland 😹 half of them dont even live there ,on a visit to tongue every person i met was from anywhere but scotland and mostly english !the only scotsman was from skye!

    As to culture you speak english in the south and gaelic is only spoken by a few tens of thousands mostly in the north

    I am half scottish and spent a great deal of time up there as a kid and only tasted haggis for the first time last year lol in england

    What ?

  7. Muslim women wearing veils and thugs covering their face is not the same thing.


    Do we ban all cars cause someone used one as a weapon. Thats hysteria. Calm doon ken.


    Its all nonsense.

  8. All that you mentioned about beatings cause physical harm or death to others and quite rightly illegal and is dealt with. How is that in anyway comparable to covering your face in the streets. Who does that harm ?


    As for photo id and banks. Thats not culture. thats common sense.


    As for scotland. I did says scots and other scots. Which one would you ban. Prodestants or catholics. Rangers or celtic.


    As a whole glasgow does multiculturalism quite well. I should know. I live there. Hardly starved of our own culture. Ive seen asian blokes decked in stereotypical scots clothing while partaking in an asian street festival mingling with all sorts of cultures and having a bloody good time.

  9. Scotland. We do alright keeping our own culture and identity while tolerating other peoples right to practice their own traditions within the law. It's actually quite nice to see how other cultures do things. Not once have i felt my scots heritage is under threat by other culture.


    One thing we dont do well is scots and other scots traditions :lol:


    To be silly for a moment, with your reasoning, lets take it a step further and ban scots living in england from celebrating burns night and eating haggis in england. Its obviously not part of your culture or traditions and is clearly destroying your own cultural identity.


    Thats how stupid i see this debate over covering a face because its not part of your culture in england.

  10. Have any of you naysayers actualy spoken to a muslim woman about face and head coverings instead of forming an opinion on the usual dross you read online and "feelings" and anecdotal evidence of bad acts.


    I have and its not as scary as you think. Theres no bogeyman hiding under it. There was no man forcing her to do it. Shes single. The reason she gave was it made her feel closer to her culture. It was her choice. It made her feel better.


    forced marrige and fgm is not even in the same league as a piece of optional clothing.


    As for people not feeling safe or trust or whatever. Who cares. Really. Who gives a crap about people in the street or tesco going about their business. More to the point how do you know a terrorist from looking at their face. If you can do that take up poker become a millionare.

  11. Dont do it. I had a look at one product and the images are being loaded from an ebay listing.


    I suspect their site is just gathering up ebay listings. Putting results on their own site. Then maybe Taking orders on their site buying it on your behalf and adding some markup.


    Not so. It is sometimes a stipulation of such policies that the other vehicle needs to be insured in its own right in order to be covered, but it is not always the case. It is not the case in mine. Always check the fine print!


    There are issues in driving something under your own policy which is not insured in its own right, to do with the meaning of "using" and leaving the car parked on the street, but that's a problem for the registered keeper.

    Do you mean the trade insurance thing ? When i was havin a look at it few years ago thats something i would be looking for in a trade policy.


    As wellyphants was driving a 3rd parties uninsured van his personal policy id doubt very much if it allowed him to drive it so would be void. All my personal policies have covered me 3rd party fire and theft to drive another persons 'insured' car, something i ways look for (fishing with friends for example and thry get injured). Insurers changed the (drive any car even if its not insured) years ago to stop people insuring a cheapo low powered banger then driving around in uninsured high powered cars like bmw's on their bangers policy.

  13. Unfortunately, driving without insurance is an absolute liability offence. If you drive without insurance, you commit the offence, even if you do so in good faith believing that you are insured.


    I don't suppose you have a personal policy which includes cover to drive other cars?

    With that kind of policy the other vehicle also needs to be insured by the owner.


    Only your own trade insurance allows you to drive any car that isnt insured by the owner/whayever. Need to prove your driving the car in a 'trade' capacity though, meaning not personal/leasure

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