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Important - All Board Users Please Read

Guest Elton

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Guest Elton

As is expected with any fiddling around with the board, the recent changes have thrown the 'cookies' out, which means that your computer may well have stopped entering your user name and password automatically. This is not a problem...


To the right of this post, at the top, you'll see a few links. Please click on the preferences one. You should now see some text and a link to "Click here to delete all cookies set by this forum!"


Click on it, ensuring that you've checked 'yes' below. You then get told to submit the change, or something.


As with me, you may have to enter your user name and password a couple of times before the new cookie sets in. You can use this thread to do so if you require, and I'll destroy the thread in a couple of days.


Tight Lines,





Elton Murphy

Anglers' Net


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