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Blencairn Lake, Penrith

Guest phil dean

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Guest phil dean

Ok, suggested set up (including length of rod) line weights, flies etc, fishing 16 July


any help appreciated.



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Guest Alan Roe

OK Phil youi asked for it!!

Rod 9' to 9'6" AFTM 7-8

Lines floating, sinking, intermediate, WF8 for firing out from the bank though if you can run to it a DT6 Floating line is always handy as well.

Reel anything big enough to hold the line and some backing will do I use Rimflys and have had them for the last 20 years without any problems.

Flies Pheasant tail nymphs, Gold ribbed hares Ear nymphs, Tadpoles in black and also in olive to represent damsel nymphs.

Soldier palmer,Invicta,Blue Zulu and Black and Peacock spiders Wingless Whickams and Black Whickams.

Buzzer patterns,and daddy long legs patterns will all catch you fish.

Any fruther queries ring me!!



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