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Very cheep salmon fly rod

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Nice one Brian - two important days in an angler's life are the day of his first salmon, and the day of his first salmon on a fly.


Speaking of river colour, do you remember fishing the Moy when it was fining down after a flood and on the banks it was practically shoulder to shoulder with local wormers? As I thought the river was beginning to lose its colour, I opted for a Mepps Aglia #2 and got a grilse first cast.


Couldn't repeat it though, but it was amusing to see how many wormers within sight re-rigged with spinners. The next day should have been ideal for the fly, as the river fined down a bit more, but we had to move on.

Yes i remember the local wormers, they used floats. Not like me who spent half the day bouncing them down on the bottom of the river and not catching. As soon as i put a float on and came up off the bottom i caught. Them Moy salmon just don't seem to understand worming. :)


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