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Jeep Cherokee 4.0 LTD

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Jeff, i trust this dealer as much as i dare! Ive had 3 previous motors from him, and hes always played fair with me.


I like the 14 day return if theres a problem, that he gives me. If i buy privately, i may save a bit of cash, but with this age of car, im buying someone elses problems! lol.

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Right, I just added a few more lines. When I was young and impressionable I was taken advantage of so don't let them dictate the terms. It's YOUR money!!


My first link isn't working so you will have to input the information. Good luck :)


[ 05. July 2005, 07:57 PM: Message edited by: Jeff S ]



Piscator non solum piscatur.


Yellow Prowler13


Ask me at 75...

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