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hi to all

my name is mike,

i am owner of fishing trip company salou sport fishing,this is based on the river ebro in spain,i have now gone into semi retirement and spend most of my time exploring and fishing thailand

i am offering trips for anybody who is on holiday or wants to come here for a holiday fishing places that ive found and fished.

i think that most people who come here to fish will get there lifetime personal best in one trip

ive caught cats on the ebro and carp of respectable sizes,this was fishing for 7 years nearly every day,here i bettered my best cat on the first trip to bansamran lake,my best in spain was 158lb

my best carp was 42lb,now that is 35 kilo

im not charging for help if you come with me you will be expected to chip towards cost of each day,it makes my day cheaper as well then

you can contact me on salousportfishing@hotmail.com or phone me on 0066 0848873511

you may have to remove the 0 from the no

tight lines to all





contact me for the best carp and catfishing in europe

tel 0034 666612398

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