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Capt. Drew Cavanaugh

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing August 2011

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August 29th, 2011 New Smyrna Beach – Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Reports


Well summer time has been here among us for some time now and the fishing has been great! This time of year can be outstanding if you work it to your advantage. With the higher water levels it does tend to make it a bit more challenging to locate your targets. Grass pads, dirty water and huge mullet everywhere add to the challenge. Now we all know the fish will still eat, they have too. So just change your tactics and approaches up for this time of year and your success rate will be steady. On a side note however please do use extra caution while you are navigating the Mosquito Lagoon waters. There are hidden sand bars and ledges that can be just inches under the waters service.


We have had several days of getting numerous redfish with the D.O.A. Shallow Runner Bait Buster, mullet pattern flies, live mullet and a live mud minnow here and there depending on your preference and wants. Several different colors work, with the Bait Buster, as long as when it is cast you do not stop it on the retrieve and do not let it sink. Well also there is one more critical thing that applies to every single fish you are casting to. DO NOT land on top of the fish. They will spook. With redfish and trout aggressively feeding early and throughout the morning chasing mullet and bait fish this choice will work for hours. Watch for mullet to be crashed and or redfish moving and cast in front and past them. The D.O.A. Cals and Shrimps will work just as well for sight fishing methods. The keys are patience, distance and stealth. Early starts are still in the mix for a recipe of success. Looking for clean water and light at your advantage will just improve things. You should be able to catch tailing redfish at first light and then move onto bars and drop offs as the day goes on.


A few redfish and trout have been caught using fly as well the past weeks. Mullet patterns seem to be the best with a #2 hook on an 8 or 9 weight fly rod. Trout are mostly in the deeper waters and along sandbars and cooler spots of the lagoon. A few black drum and a few tarpon have been seen throughout the entire Mosquito Lagoon. Every now and then you may stumble across a stray lady fish or jack.


Please remember to respect your fellow angler and give them as always a wide berth of space. Also please, handle all of your fish with extreme care during these hotter days of summer for a safer and faster release of them to be able to fight again another day. Sport fishing is the way to go.


I look forward to seeing all of you on the water. Tight lines!

Captain Drew Cavanaugh

Florida Inshore Fishing Charters


Email: drcfishmaster@cfl.rr.com

Visit us- http://www.floridainshorefishingcharters.com/

Fish the world famous Mosquito Lagoon. The redfish capital of the world!

Oak Hill/New Smyrna Beach/Cocoa Beach – Florida

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