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Guest DerwentBob

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Guest DerwentBob

I'm off to fish a pond that is regularly used as a Carp Match venue on Friday. I last fished it 14 years ago before the carp were introduced and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how to make a first stab at it. The pond is relatively shallow (down to 8-10' in the middle I believe) and quite small, open banksides and little vegetation. When I last fished it the main species were roach, bream and chub but I would like to maximise my chances with an all round bait/style that could catch the odd small carp.


It's all so complicated these days...

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Guest Big Brother

If I was you I would find a nice margin swim, around 2 feet deep, with plenty of cover, feed a couple of handfulls of pellets initially and then fish luncheon meat or sweetcorn over the top of the pellets. Top up with a few more pellets after every fish!


Now its summer this method should work a treat and if you dont catch a few carp I would be very suprised wink.gif!


Tight Lines and let us know how you get on,


Tight Lines,


Big Brother


P.S The method described above will work best in the early evening when carp come more active, say 4pm onwards!



The float - pleasing in appearance, even more so in disapperance!!!

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