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5 days to go!!

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Guest trent.barbeler



I have been walking the banks lately. The Trent is in prime condition with barbel rolling everywhere at dusk.


How much petrol is in the car?

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Guest Fatboy

I will let all those who know what they're doing truly enjoy the 16th.


Noble sentiments well intended -NOT!!


I go fishing on Saturday, I visit divorce court. Linda (the boss) will be 50 on Saturday, so I really don't think I'll get away with it!


At 46 it's too late to even think about looking for a trade in wink.gif - Anyway, the old girl is wearing better than her old man, and

keeps me out of trouble.




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ERM so whats happening on the 16th? confused.gif


Am i missing summat special then?? confused.gif


Only asking cos i'm going to the coast for the day on saturday to do a bit of beach casting (well its supposed to be a family day out) biggrin.gif



TROGG (Alan)

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