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New fishing tourism destination – Estonia

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One of the smallest countries in Europe – Estonia – has discovered its fishing tourism potential. We went over to see what they have to offer.


We travelled light as the trip organiser had told us that equipment could be rented on spot. Looking down from the airplane window it seemed as if we were landing in the middle of a forest – most of the territory is covered with thick woods.

The population of Estonia is about 1.3 million people of whom a third live in the capital city Tallinn with its beautiful medieval old town. The country measures roughly 190 by 190 miles so it takes only a few hours to drive from one end of the country to the other.


Estonians are nice but quiet people. Due to their colourful history they are a mixed nation. The locals go fishing and hunting regularly, actually fishing and time spent by water has become an increasingly popular pastime activity.


Wild nature and wild fishing can be enjoyed all over Estonia. Main fish that can be caught are pike, perch and trout (both sea and river trout).


We concentrated on catching pike on river Emajogi in the centre of Estonia. River Emajogi connects Estonia’s two biggest lakes – lake Peipsi and lake Vortsjarv.

The current is fast and the water muddy, so most of the fishing is done with rubber baits.


There weren’t many fish waiting to be caught so it took about half an hour to find the right spot, but then the fish started coming. Smaller corners in the river seemed to be a pike paradise in the evening – almost every time we threw the rod in the water, we caught a fish! It was such an adrenaline rush.


If here in the UK we usually let the fish back in water, then in Estonia the pike ends up on a frying pan. Large breeder fish are released. We also decided to keep some of the fish in order to prepare a delicious meal according to the trip organiser’s directions.

The largest fish we caught might have been about 3 feet long, but we also had some even bigger ones.


The beautiful river corners and untouched riversides are what are luring us back. We are already planning a longer family trip next summer.


Information about fishing trips can be found at www.fishinginfo.ee




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