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hi guy/girls i am looking for advice on a roof box for my vectra Hatchback

must be long enough and strong enough to hold 2 rod holdalls (standard 3x3 rod type)

plus 2 JRC Sti Bivvies in bags , and 4 Aldi fishing bags

not too expensive under £200


thanks Pete

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Halfords have some heavily discounted Thule boxes (1/2 price) that might fit the bill. I think, though, you're going to struggle to get the length you need in your price range.

The longest of the discounted boxes comes in at 1.95m, which may be just a little short for 2-piece twelve footers. They're very nice boxes though, in a modern style.If there's a Halford's near you, take a rod bag down there to see where you're splodging!


Mine is an older, narrow model, probably not voluminous enough for your requirements, but plenty long and wide enough for a couple of rod bags so if you bought something similar your bivvies would have to go in the boot. It was originally bought so that we could take carp and avon style 2-piece rods on holiday without compromising interior space, and without going outside with a tape measure I'd guess at 2 metres (sod it, what's the sense in guessing - I've just measured it at 2.2 metres exactly, by 65cm wide, although the compartment is only 50 cm of that width). I think it was about 40 quid, plus a tenner for collection, from the bay, and it's one of Halford's own.

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