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A bad day

Posted by arbocop , 02 May 2009 · 202 views

River Lambourn, Shaw.    2nd May.

Weather promising. Had been clearing out tackle and reloaded another line on my Scierra reel leaving dragonfly ready for selling on e-bay.  Everything was ready for another early onslaught on the Lambourn trout followed by an early afternoon trip out with the family.

Arrived at the river at 4.30am, tackled up by the car and went to the bank.  First cast snagged and had to pull for a break.  Damn it - last size 16 GRHE.  Never mind, a new tippet and off again with another fly.  Just after pulling for a break I saw a fish rise.  Quickly grabbing the leader, I pulled line off the reel - except I didn't.  I snapped the tip off the rod!

Normally, the drag is set loose, but last night I had of course been loading it with line and for some reason tightened up the drag.  My #5 rated GRX was busted and I had no spare rod.  I was back home at 5am!  I spent the rest of the time scouring
t'interweb for a bargain.  Found an Accuflex which fitted the bill at a bargain 50.  Not the best rod in the world but a good replacement for my GRX.   Duly ordered.

Had a few beers in the afternoon!

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