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lots of commons

Posted by viney , 26 April 2011 · 6,427 views

After spending two nights trying this 'specimin carp fishing' mullarky (sitting in my bivvy smoking like a train waiting for a bite alarm to scream into action while every knob and his dog walking round the lake tell u what the 'in' spots to fish are. YAWN!) i was getting bored... But without a hefty walk said lake was the most convenient!
Roll on a change of luck which brought with it a car and meant i could travel further afield again!

Knotts 24th(night) 25th(night) and 26th(day) april

I spent alot of time fishing this lake last year and the last couple of nights and today have made me remember why!
In total 15 fish graced my landing net;
11 common carp (biggest four 18lb9, 16lb2, 15lb4 and 14lb14 of the rest only one was under 10lb!)
4 tench (5lb9, 3lb15, 2lb8 and 2lb3)

The warm weather has definately turned the fish on big time although the lake being a 'tench' fishery i am suprised with the small number of tench caught and none were caught within two hours of each other. Definately a very fun couple of nights as the carp are very hard fighting slow growing carp not fish farm fat sluggish fish (as you can see in rustys blog).
Not one to miss out on the action my friend came down for the afternoon and promptly landed a gorgeous 23lb4 common within two hours of arriving! ba####d!!
Will upload pictures as soon as i have access to a laptop or computer!

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