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  1. Apparently there is a modification you can do to turn these into a 4 piece rod? Can anyone shed any light on how this is done? JV44? 😀😀😀
  2. viney

    A Red Letter ten minutes

    Definitely a gem of a stretch
  3. Twas a tad chilly when I woke up to rats stealing my boilies in the night! Alas no fish apart from a couple of perch on the dropshot at first light
  4. I've been utilising my dropshot rod first to get an idea of depths and what the bottom is like, I've had lots of perch from mid river in bright conditions and next to none from near cover on either bank
  5. A catfish would be interesting! I get paid next Friday so we can get things rolling
  6. V open water with little flow
  7. I'll try and put the pics up on here, I've managed to get them on fb but I can't get image shack to work on this phone! I was more in the way of carp fishing to be honest as the water is so still I used alarms and dropbacks. I fished double 14mm hair rigged boilies with around 1/4 kg of freebies over each rod The 6 was hooked well down in its mouth rather than lip hooked!
  8. Cheers guys! I think it most likely is the same dodgy character Matthew, I'll take your warning on not letting him net my fish! The pin has taken a back seat for the time being, work is pretty busy at the moment and any free time outside of family and work is spent fishing for now
  9. Having set a target of catching a barbel from the Thames I've put a fair few hours in so far this season, I've had a few bream and a couple of pike for my efforts up until last night. Fished a new stretch with some advice from a dodgy sounding character on the phone. The advice was sound and resulted in a 6-6 chub which being a pb by pound and a half I was over the moon with! A couple of hours later the same rod screamed off again and after a decent scrap I had what I initially thought was a carp in the net, as I lifted it out it became apparent it was another Chub! At 7-3 a second pb! Can
  10. Seen a lot of anger this evening over someone proposing they should be stocked back into lakes and rivers!
  11. That's interesting, I always assume they will take a moving bait. I've got some floats being made at the moment that will be ideal for fishing really over depth and stretpegging
  12. Yeah it was from the kennet on fiddlers water (the bit below widmead)
  13. Cheers for all your advice guys going to have to keep plugging away at it I think, a change of bait is first port of call going to try chunks of meat next time and feed a lot of hemp in the hope the trout will find that less appealing, I'm 99% certain I'm fishing the right swims but I think the trout are just getting to the bait first
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