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quick session

Posted by viney , 15 May 2011 · 6,716 views

19.30-21.30 willows lake

Just a quick 2 hour session to try out a rig I've been playing around with for the last couple of weeks.

Fished a single double strength pop up to the island with no free offerings, had 3 fish;
2 mirrors (12b4 and 12lb6)
1 common (11lb9)

The rig worked very well all thee fish were nailed in the bottom lip with very secure hookholds.

The thing that struck me this evening is that last year is that most of the fish you would have from this lake would be around 6-7lb with the odd double thrown in and hardly fought whereas tonight the three I caught were very hard fighting! Can the dynamics of a lake change this much over a year or was it just luck on my part (maybe good angling with the right bait and rig) to hook three of the larger fish out of the stock in the lake?

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