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Sunday 11th September, Sunday Morning Spinning

Posted by AddictedToScopex , 14 September 2011 · 5,909 views

Well it's been a while since I posted a blog report up. Have been out and about fishing but as I have left it so long to write an entry I couldnt possibly remember everything that happened in order to make a good post  biggrin.gif

So this sunday gone I had an impromptu session with the new spinning rod. Upon waking I had no plans to get out and do some angling however the weather had taken a surprising turn for the better so I decided to make hay and get up and out at 8am and try and get an hour or so in before the predicted gales hit.

I jumped out of bed bleary eyed and threw on my trackies and fishing tshirt and jumped in the car. With the spinning kit being so compact and lightweight it now has a permanent place in the back of the car so that its ready for any last minute sessions such as this. Its a good job really as I am writing this at work and the weather is looking like I may be able to nip down to the canal after work before sunset!

I headed down to the canal with the skies looking grey with the occasional flash of early morning sunlight. Nice dull weather for the perch was my hope. I have taken to targetting perch on the spinner recently with an eye to improving my technique and learning a little more about a rather unheard of aspect of angling these days. It is not often that I hear of people going spinning for perch which adds an air of mystique and intrigue to it. I have become rather fascinated with them and their habits of late and I am thoroughly enjoying targetting them specifically and watching their pack hunting mentality as they come at the lure like a squadron of kamikaze fighter pilots!

I arrived at the canal and suited up. On went the water proof jacket and boots and the 'lucky cap'. The rod was already made up with a spinner and I wandered down to the canal. My first target area was to be a small stretch which was situated near a bridge. This was a spot that had produced well on my last outing with a perch being hooked on the 2nd retrieve. I got to the stretch only to find two gentlemen fishing on the pole so that was that area out of the window. I opted instead to have a chat with them and then to have a go under the bridge.

This proved to be a good idea. After numerous follows from small perch (most tiddlers chasing the swivel at the top of the trace instead of the lure!) I saw a dark shape emerge slowly behind the lure as I neared the end of the retrieve. I slowed down the retrieve to allow the fish to catch up but it was just following and not striking. I had no choice but to start walking backwards down the towpath as carefully and slowly as possible so as not to spook the fish. As I did this I watched the shape silently stalking the little orange abu spinner. I gave it the odd twitch and on the 3rd or 4th it made it move. A viscious side swipe that sent the rod tip into a large bend and splash on the surface of the water. I gave a little line to give me room to play the fish without it being directly under the rod tip and manouvered the fish back upstream towards where I had left my landing net. I bent over and picked up the net and slid it under the fish. A lovely jack pike (didnt bother to weigh it but the net is a 25inch pan so I would guess 3-4lbs?) that was a welcome treat when I was only out for perch of whatever size may come along.

After all this disturbance at the bridge I decided it was time to move onto another swim and hunt out the perch. I wandered down the towpath having the occasional cast which only produced the odd follow from a small perch or three.

My next target was to be the lock which had produced my first lure caught perch not too long back on a trip with Ian.

I arrived at the lock and tried my luck on the downstream gate exit. Sadly to no avail. Next I moved into the lock itself and sat myself down on the edge and began to make retrieves from one side and then the other. I had so many follows I couldnt even count them with the trend being that little 2-3 inch perch would chase the swivel while the larger perch would follow the lure. No amount of twitching and pace changing could entice them. I changed lures a few times and was coming to the conclusion that while they were interested in the lures they werent in a particularly eager mood.

I decided on a few more casts before returning to the car as the weather in th distance was beginning to turn for the worse. On the 3rd retrieve I noticed a small shadow appearing behind the lure. As it got near to being in front of me marking the impending end of the retrieve I decided to give it some small jerks and slow it right down. As I did so the lure was ambushed from all side apart from the front. I counted 6 attacks on the lure before one of the fish latched on. It was like watching a sudden pirahna attack. Very exhilirating stuff and even the lad I was talking to at the time was impressed by the way they had gone for it. I lifted the fish out as it was right in front of me and I was happy to see a small perch attached to the lure. I had got what I came for and learned some things along the way.

It was a greedy little bugger as you can see from the size of the lure that it went for. Incidentally that same pattern of lure has been my most successful for pike in the past so it hasonce more proven its worth! It will certainly be a staple in my lure box for some years to come.

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