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  1. I would say january. Cold, dark and wishing the christmas food was still around
  2. I popped down to the river yesterday and it was really barrelling through. I fished a slack with my brother for a few hours with smelly baits trying to tempt something but it wasn't happening. We have a trip planned for this evening to try and snag a carp and with the levels dropping off again I think you are right that it could be good sport this evening. He had one on Tuesday so we are hoping to repeat that success. He has found that single baits with no free offerings seem to catch the carp.
  3. I have had a couple of fish so far. 3 chub last time out but only one barbel in 3 sessions which is not the usual for the places I go to. Im not complaining though. Will be more rewarding when they start to feed and move about again. I saw someone say that perhaps the low water has led to them not leaving their spawning grounds and of course if they are still at it anyway they wont be feeding hard.
  4. Yes I think you could be right. By all accounts I have heard it seems to be a slow start for most.
  5. Belting fish there Ian. Beats my pb by a good pound. It is so hard to show their size when there is no one else there to photograph you holding it. Shame about your spots getting plundered. I'm on a new stretch at the moment so still trying to figure it out. Not had the best start to the season but I will figure it out.
  6. Cheers folks. I have a bait fridge in the garage which gets mega cold so I think I will take the shelves out and store the bucket in there.
  7. I will be on a new (to me) stretch of the Ribble. Genuinely can't wait. I plan to turn up thursday evening and fish from 12 into the early morning. I have a bucket of hemp reading to go now and have been prebaiting for a while. I plan to pop down this evening to prebait again.
  8. Hi all, I am planning on cooking heaps of hemp today ready for the 16th and was wondering if I can store it in a bucket covered with water or will it go funky and put the fish off?
  9. Hi all, I am planning on cooling heaps of hemp today ready for the 16th and was wondering if I can store it in a bucket covered with water or will it go funky and put the fish off?
  10. Hi Martin, I am sending the cash today. Had to find an envelope.
  11. Hi Keith, I have the Korum 42", it also comes with a pole, which I use for pike fishing and have found it to be very robust. I have had mine a few years now and it has never shown any signs of breaking even with large fish.
  12. Yep mine is the same. Many thanks Martin. I am planning to pass some on to my nephew who is just beginning his angling journey.
  13. I have never used wasp grub. Maybe I am too young to have been around when it was popular I did find the small beginnings of a wasps nest in my loft a few weeks back. Thinking maybe I should have let it develop a bit
  14. Thanks guys. Great to know. You seem right in that the spliced tip does seem to be solid carbon. The rod will almost certainly be getting used on the river for stick float fishing and now that I have a better idea of what the other section is intended for that will likely get a run out too. Appreciate the information
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