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Sunday 16th October, Memory

Posted by AddictedToScopex , 20 October 2011 · 4,528 views

Well today saw me down by the small river again. Only this time was to be a bit more special. The reason, my dad was over from Ireland and this was to be the first fishing trip we have had together on our own for as long as I can actually remember.

It was one of those days of reminiscing and catching up and reforming bonds that had begun to die with age. I don't get to see my father much these days with him living in Ireland and this was one of those rare chances to really have a good talk and to spend some time together. He has not been too well recently and I thought it was important to get out with him and share a day doing the thing we both love so much.

The day began with me collecting my father from my sisters house and having a chat about the plan for the day. The basic plan was to get down to the river and use the a centre pin each to trot maggots for anything that came along.

We arrived at the river and all looked well. The only thing wrong was that it seemed to be really barreling through despite not appearing too high. We decided to have a go anyway but soon found that the pace was just too much and the bank was harder to access than we had hoped for. We had a walk down the bank and had a little think and in the end I suggested that although we didn't really have the gear for it we could put on a small bomb each and just while the hours away with some tip fishing.

Deep down we both knew the rods we had were not right for the job and neither was the fact we had no rod rests. In the end it was real ' make do' fishing and we simply set up a running ledger rig and put our baits on, rested the rods on the ground and waited. We had numerous bites but as we expected (due to having no feeders or correct rods/reels) we didn't hook up with the vast majority of bites. In fact I caught the only fish of the day which was a small dace. After fishing for 3 hours without catching anything it was a truly satisfying catch and just goes to show that although we had the wrong gear it was still possible to catch something.

In the end we were just led down chatting away about this and that and had such a good time. Fish or no fish it was an excellent day and we didn't pack up until the last light had begun to fade.

I won't be forgetting that session in a hurry. It was very special to share a day with my father like that.

A great report ATS, puts things in perspective.
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Jan 06 2013 01:47 AM
A great report ATS, puts things in perspective.

Many thanks Rusty :)

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