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Sunday 10th September: Return to the Ribble

Posted by AddictedToScopex , 11 September 2012 · 271 views

Sunday night saw me finally make my first appearance of the season on the river Ribble. It feels like forever since I last got out on there. I planned to meet Pete (Latimeria) at around 5pm and do some ledgering into dark.

I arrived at the car park and waited but Pete was going to be late so I decided to head down to the swim and get set up. Another fella was on there when I turned up but to my delight he was packing up. I asked if he had had anything and he said no. Having never blanked on that swim I was quite surprised.

I set up one rod on a semi fixed ledger with meat on a coil and the second rod was set up on boilie on a running rig. I wanted to compare the two setups. Both rods were cast in and then Pete arrived. We had a quick chat and he went about 20 yards down the bank and set himself up.
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We fished quietly into dark with a few knocks and a major rap on my rod. It seemed like the chub were out to play. I fished with spam on one line and a spicy tuna boilie on the other.
As it got darker my spam rod was getting a hammering with the spam lasting seconds on the hook. It could only be the humble eels work. This was confirmed as I had a shuddering take which was typical of a small eel. I played the fish to the bank under the glow of the head torch and saw the snake like image appear under the water. It was a small eel. I had half intended to catch an eel to see if I could find a big one. After catching a further two small ones and having to re-rig twice I gave up on that plan and switched to an all boilie assualt. This decision proved wise. I had a huge take which resulted in a lovely chub of good proportion.
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As the night went on I continued to get hits with some missing and some landing. I put this down to the hair rig but I didnt want to miss the chance to hook a barbel and have found the hair rig to be deadly for them.
In all I had 3 eels, 3 chub and 1 lost chub. I was very pleased. We called it a night quite early (around 11:30pm) and headed back to the cars. A very enjoyable evening.

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