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9 December

Posted by Chris Plumb in Chris Plumb's Blog, 09 December 2018 · 0 views

River Kennet - Brimpton
1045 - 1415
Bright and sunny after a brief but torrential shower. River lower than I expected after a wet week and carrying a tinge of colour.
6 Chub: 6lb 4oz, 5lb 6oz, 4lb 7oz, 3X 1-2lbers. 1 brownie circa 1lb.
I've fished Brimpton regularly since I joined NAA in 1982 and whilst I catch 5lb+ chub most...


Middle Dorset Stour 15,16 Nov 2018

Posted by The Flying Tench in The Flying Tench's Blog, 16 November 2018 · 0 views

I've always wanted to fish the middle Stour since someone told me it was a place where you could reasonably rely on a good bag of roach with a good chance of a fish over 1lb. I was able to combine it with visiting a family member. Would the fishing come up to expectation?
15 Nov 1.30-4.30pm. The fishing shop steered me in the direction of a 'mill...


Latest River Session

Posted by AddictedToScopex in AddictedToScopex's Blog, 26 August 2016 · 0 views

Just thought I would post about my last time out. Been a very long time since I did so  :)
Myself and my brother decided to have a go at the usual stretch we go to when targeting the larger specimens. It is a stretch of the Ribble know for producing some very large fish.
We arrived at around 5pm and got our stuff sorted but I didnt rig...


Couldn't have blanked at a nicer place

Posted by Rusty in Rusty's Blog, 09 March 2016 · 62 views

River Kennet, Aldermaston Mill, Tuesday 8th  March 2016
The clue’s in the title, a blank of biblical proportions with not a single bite coming to the four anglers on the river. The background to this trip was curiosity, I’d read about Aldermaston Mill on the web and seen a few YouTube videos but most of the information I had was quite o...


16th July The plan Always good to have a backup plan!

Posted by Paulg in PaulG's Blog, 30 July 2015 · 360 views
Kennet, dace, minnow, cancer

The original plan was to go and spend the whole day at a new venue, after the large bream that inhabit the lake. However, as happens quite a lot in our family life at the moment, cunning plans sometimes fall at the first hurdle!
So, plan A fails when the hospital ring to say they have a slot for me to come in and be measured up for a dose of radio-...


Crashing back to reality

Posted by tomhaggett in tomhaggett's Blog, 09 December 2014 · 481 views

8th December - Berkshire Stillwater  
As I mentioned in the last installment, the rest of my bait had been spread around the productive area ready for a return as soon as possible. 
After managing to wangle the day off I planned my return, obviously full of expectation.  They'd had a free meal and a few days to get themselves comfortable....


From: Ist day

Posted by arbocop in arbocop's Blog, 21 June 2014 · 648 views
16th -19th June - 4 Rivers

Source: Ist day


Trout on the Kennet

Posted by viney in viney's Blog, 06 August 2013 · 709 views


I decided the rain we had yesterday should have put a bit of flow and colour into the river (very little as it happened) so I set off for a few hours on the Kennet.
Using typical gear for trout catching on the Kennet (quivertip, pellet hookbait and a small pva of small pellet) it wasn't long until the first showed up at around 1.5lb, it did a very...


VAC League Match 3-Newlands Hall, Moat Lake-July 7th

Posted by Maddog in Colin's Fishing Blog, 19 July 2013 · 731 views

A hot, sunny, still morning greeted us when arriving at the venue. I was grateful to draw the far side (from car park) of the lake as that side was fairly shaded by the trees behind the pegs and the trees and bushes between the pegs.  

My plan was to catch 100lb+ of carp from  the 5m line on paste and the margins on corn or bunches of dead maggots...


Summerhayes Open - 7th April 2013

Posted by redtail in redtail's Blog, 07 April 2013 · 649 views

A great days fishing


Chilly day for carp....

Posted by kirisute in Kirisute's Blog, 02 March 2013 · 892 views

But that didn't stop us!!Started at Reepham fishery just after 8:30.The fishery consists of a large square lake that is connected to a "wilder" lake via a channel. The "wild" lake makes for very pleasurable fishing with its many cut backs and reed beds. Plenty of features to fish to.My father, brother and I headed to that lake, getting into a swim large e...


Estate Lake Pike

Posted by Rob Ward in Rob Ward's Blog, 15 November 2011 · 5,929 views

Saturday 12th November - Cheshire MereGraeme took me Pike fishing for a day on a big Cheshire Mere on a guest pass from his club, the Mere is around 47 acres and is boat only - the club have one punt for use of the members.The Mere is horse shoe shaped, it's actually an Estate Lake and was created by damming a stream about four hundred years ago.We al...


My first blog, my first leather carp and my first tench!

Posted by davedave in daves Blog, 05 July 2011 · 2,257 views

I bought my ticket for Chard AA a couple weeks back and decided i wanted to fish perry street pond first, as i had been hearing good things about it. http://www.chardandd...uk/Waters.htmlI packed up my box, chair, rods and probably more gear than i needed at ten this morning, but on the way it started to rain heavily and i was sure i wa...


River Test & LRA - 05-06/02/2011

Posted by Nicholas S in Nicholas S' Blog, 25 February 2011 · 6,885 views

After receiving the all clear from my girlfriend I set about organising a fishing weekend that I was really looking forward to. Saturday was to be spent on the Little River Avon (LRA) in search of Grayling and the icing on the cake was Sunday where I had been invited down to fish the hallowed waters of the Test. I would be trotting the main river (the las...


New to kayak fishing

Posted by islwyn in islwyn's Blog, 05 July 2009 · 5,583 views
Sea Kayaking

Well I hope to spend more time in the boat tomorrow. Going to Caswell Bay, Gower. Can't wait to catch some kippers; although stability is giving me some concern! I don't mind falling in the drink but find getting back in scrapes my shins to the bone. Never mind Captin Ahab is my role model and nothing put him off.Smell ya later dudes



Posted by jakeemery1994 in jakeemery1994's Blog, 29 May 2009 · 5,484 views

I would like to know if anyone has ever fished on the hotties section of the St Helens Canal and has any tips on what boilies to use when carp fishing? i have already caught reasonable carp of about 3-9lbs using creamy butter boilies but i was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for bigger or more fish? thanks =D


Saturday May 16th 2009. Will I ever learn?

Posted by OwdTrout in OwdTrout's Pursuit of Brown Spotty Fishisessess, 17 May 2009 · 5,391 views

Alan arrived first at the river and had three or four fish before I joined him. While he got a brew on I had a cast, taking one of the rivers natural population. It was too small to be one of the stockies being only 7 inches long. After refreshment we headed downstream. Soon I was thankful that I had remembered my waterproof. Today the rain was a good thi...


8th june!

Posted by mr motorola in mr motorola's Blog, 08 February 2009 · 757 views

Well where do i begin? The fishing was unbeliveable!!!!I'm absolutely knackered


Salmon on the USK

Posted by CYNSWIM in CYNSWIM's Blog, 29 August 2008 · 5,504 views

Today I went Salmon fishing In Crickhowell on the Usk river. I used a red mepps and then tried worms but I didn't manage to catch anything.  



Posted by Sheppard in Sheppard's Blog, 07 July 2008 · 5,516 views

Anyone going to Tacklefest in Peterborough this weekend? Sounds pretty good, any one been before...? any tips, best bits?

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