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  1. Bonkers in this heat - I had an evening river sesh planned for this week but bottled it!
  2. If you're on the river at dusk (especially Brimpton or Hambridge) - I'd say you were pretty much guaranteed to see an otter....
  3. YES - pretty much ONLY fish close to the lillies on Alders - and I think alot of the 'liners' etc are down to the signals!
  4. Yeah - a 'par' return for the venue - though I do wonder if their are 2 bream shoals - the 4lb average size that I seem to attract and the 5lbers that you've banked recently!
  5. Alders Lake - Thatcham 1830 - 2300 Warm, sunny evening with a gentle breeze for much of it - which kept the mossies off for all but the last hour. 25ºC when I arrived - still 17ºC when I packed up. 3 Bream: 4lb 4oz, 3lb 14oz, 3lb 11oz. 1 Tench 3lb 13oz. 3 Carp; all ¾-1lb. 3 Perch - all 6-8oz. Productive evening which got off to a slow start. And whilst I had a perch first cast I'd have to wait 2 hours for my next bite. All the fish then came in a 90min spell around dusk. Again the little carp fought well above their weight - kidding me into thinking I was into tincas. (All were re-homed next door). After 2200 I was plagued with strange bites - which proved to be signal crayfish (I even landed one of the blighters) - damn nuisance as they were on the bait as soon as it touched bottom - so whilst I had intended to fish till midnight - they prompted an 'early' pack up!
  6. River Kennet - Brimpton 1800 - 2200 (2½hrs trotting followed by 1½hrs on the lead) Warm, sunny evening. 24ºC when I arrived, 16ºC when I packed up. 1 Chub - small. 2 Dace. 4 Brownies; 2lb 12oz, a 'pounder' and a couple half that. An evening trotting for chub nearly ended chubless - for which I place the blame firmly at the door of Mr Trout! First bites in both my first 2 (out of 3) swims had an adipose and all of them chose to go airborne - the biggie repeatedly so which really buggered up my first pitch. Eventually snaffled a couple of dace which while quite chunky didn't trouble the scales before eventually getting a chub all be it not a whole lot bigger than the dace. Then spent 90 mins looking at a couple of stationary quivers - not a hint of a bite - alas. However I was treated to the sight of a barn owl quartereing the field opposite - and on the stroke of 10pm Mr Otter came through my swim - signalling it was time to pack up!
  7. Aye - and there's at least one big 'crucian' in Willows with dubious parentage - most of it looks OK - but it has a fan-tail! I've caught it 3 or 4 timers over the years always at about 2lb 2oz ±1 or 2 oz...
  8. Common - similar in size to the ones I've rehomed from Willows recently. There's a LOT of mis-identification of crucians (usually mistaken for brown goldfish!) below is my rule of thumb - on the bank guide! Lateral line count - 33 (32 or 34 MAY be OK if everything else is right!) Less than 32 - liklely to be Goldfish or goldfish cross, more than 34 common carp or cross Dorsal - Convex (Goldfish are concaved) Caudal - Paintbrush shaped (Goldfish are much more v shaped) Mouth - absolutely NO barbules or even vestigial ones (carp or carp cross)
  9. John - I use the lift method ALL the time when I'm fishing for Tench and Crucians - nearly always in the margins (and usually close to lillies!) I pinch a dust shot about 2 inches from the hook and then mold a piece of plasticine around it - just enough to sink my small quill or waggler float. Yes you get liners - which over time I think I've learnt to recognise - plus bites in the traditional way. However there's something to be said for seeing the float rise and go flat - though you need to be quick and strike as it rises. This set up can be too light on bigger lakes when the breeze has got up and there's a bit of undertow - though I just add more plasticine to keep the bait in the same place....
  10. Chris Plumb

    9 July

    On several occaisions I had over a dozen in my swim - most taking and unwarranted curiosity in my float! Surface fishing would have been completely out of the question! BTW - did you get your key back? - might be worth asking on the NAA FB page if you haven't - gets more traffic than the forum!
  11. Chris Plumb

    9 July

    Willows Lake - Thatcham 1800 - 0000 Warm, overcast with a southerly breeze to put a bit of ripple on the water - neigh on perfect conditions - pity no one told the fish! 2 Carp 12lb 14oz & 6 lb 7oz. 1 Tench c1lb & a Perch. Dismal evening on the float despite same tactics/baits and swim to my last trip here in June. No bites before 2030 - and precious few after that despite the odd fish rolling in my swim! Thankfully I had a Plan B. I'd thrown a couple of slices of bread into my bait bucket and put a carp rod in my quiver with the notion that I might get the carp coming in close after dark to snaffle a surface bait. By 2230 I was confident the resident wildfowl (which had been a PITA up to that point!) had roosted for the night and I started to flick thumb sized pieces of bread into the margins by my feet. It wasn't long before slurps and swirls started to appear and it was simply a question of dapping a bait on the surface and hanging on for dear life. Alas my first attempt met with failure as I'd set the clutch too lightly and within a couple of seconds of my first bite I found myself attached to a lily stem and not a carp! (How do the do that?) Hook safely retrieved and clutch tightened up my next fish was the 6lber which was in the net before it knew what had happened. After all this commotion - things went quiet for a while - though I now had to contend with the rats swimming out to take my freebies! Thankfully there was still time for one more fish - an ugly looking mirror EXACTLY twice the size of my earlier carp both of which had somewhat redeemed an otherwise poor evening.
  12. River Kennet - Brimpton 1300 - 1530 Warm, mainly overcast - though with more sunshine than before lunch - very muggy. AT 20ºC and feeling particularly sticky after a longish walk through the undergrowth! River quite full! Think the weir at Colthrop has been opened up more than the one at Crookham - there was a LOT of water coming down the Aldershot - too much to wade out at the tail of the weirpool! 3 Chub; 4lb 5oz, 4lb 0oz, 2lb 11oz. 3 Dace, 1 Roach & 5 Brownies (½lb - 1¼lb) So after a bite for lunch and an age queuing to get across Thatcham level crossing it was off downstream for a few more hours of trotting. I usually fish the weirpool at the top of the Aldershot by wading out and casting upstream - but it was too deep to do that safely! Fished 3 swims - that have been reasonably reliable in the past - giving each around ¾hr or so. Caught trout in all of them (of course!) and all 3 chub from the second one I dropped into - quite a fast streamy section under trees (see feature photo) - which often produces chevin early season (think it might be close to their spawning redds). All were a real battle to bring up against the current!
  13. River Kennet - Thatcham 0900 - 1200 Warm, overcast and quite muggy. AT 20ºC but felt MUCH warmer. River low (but see part 2!) 3 Chub: 3lb 13oz, 2lb 7oz, 1lb 14oz. 2 Dace, 2 Roach & 2 Brownies - both around 8-10oz. Scratchy morning as most of my 'usual' swims here didn't have enough water in them. Fished 9 swims in total but only caught from a couple of them - nearly all fish came from the weirpool - apart from a couple of the chub which were extracted from one of their usual haunts!
  14. Some fab images here... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-57653901
  15. Yes the roach was a real surprise - and not repeated since! After the total fish kill on Alders which was around 2006 the lake bed profile was remodelled. Prior to that it was similar depth to Willows. Deeper channels were created and it was made much shallower in the middle - the original plan was to have this as an 'island' of common reed down the middle of the lake - and common reed was put in - only to be completely eaten by geese during the first winter after planting!! So now we have the lillies instead! BTW - I quite like the platform swims - can get above the fish quicker and easier to bully them away from the lillies I find!
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