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  1. River Kennet - Hambridge 0700 - 1330 Cool (5ºC when I started), bright and breezy. River quite low - normal for Sep. 3 Chub; all 1-2lb. 5 Barbel (!!!); all 12oz-1lb. 8 Dace - all chunky ones in the 6-8oz class with a couple a tad bigger. 4 Brown Trout; one close to 3lb the others circa 12oz+. Another recce session - following up on some recently acquired intelligence (cheers Martin - spot on! ). Been a few years since I last exchanged my NAA card for a CSAS one to fish this stretch. Fished over a dozen swims but had all the fish bar one dace from just one of them - which I
  2. River Kennet - Brimpton (Aldershot water) 1030 - 1400 Warm and sunny. 21ºC. River at normal September levels. 13 Chub(!): 7 over 1lb but 'only' 2 over 2 - best 2lb 10oz & 3lb 2oz. 4 Roach - all a nice size - best 13oz. 2 Dace. 5 Brownies - all around 10oz with one a fair bit bigger. Another swim I've not fished in a while - though I won't be so tardy revisiting it! Nice to see smaller chub coming through - and the roach were a real bonus as well.
  3. River Kennet - Colthrop 0700 - 1015 Bright and sunny. River at normal early autumn levels (i.e. quite low). 2 Chub - both quite small. 5 Roach - handsized or better. 4 Dace. 12 Gudgeon and a bleak. Bit of a recce trip as I haven't fished here for a while - ran a float through half a dozen swims on the backstream, giving each half an hour or so.
  4. She had plenty to see - loads of kingfishers feeding opposite (as many as 3 at one time) and a mink swam under the rods and ran up the bank right by us - alas the hoped for (by her at least!) otter sighting didn't happen!
  5. River Wye, Llanthomas 1630 - 1930 Warm,sunny evening. 2 Barbel: 5lb 14oz & 7lb 7oz. Mission accomplished! I usually make a point of NOT fishing when I'm on holiday with Mrs P - I tend to stay married that way! However when a long weekend in the Brecons became a week's stay in Hay due to our Greek holiday falling victim of Covid it would have been churlish not to drop in on Geoff's! I've known Geoff over 20 years and around 9 years ago he acquired a mile (double bank) of the Wye above Hay - and a visit has been on my to-do list ever since. Geoff was ever the genial host
  6. I bodge an attachment to my floats. And I have a bait fridge/freezer in the garage!
  7. Have had a few perch from Willows this summer - but I find they stop feeding as it gets dark. I always fish lift method so the bait is getting to the bottom quickly which I think also helps..... other than that - dunno
  8. Willows Lake - Thatcham 1800 - 2300 Warm evening (though temps were starting to plummet when I left) 21º->12ºC. 2 Carp: 13lb 14oz, 7lb 2oz. 2 Tench - both quite small but pushing a lb. 3 Crucians - handsized. A session topped and tailed by the 2 carp. The biggie snaffled my float fished maggot within 20mins of starting and with a 16 to a 4lb bottom I was grateful for the help of a fellow angler for its netting! In truth the carp were a pain - especially until it got dark as they were clearly pushing out my target fish (I lost a couple more to hook pulls and bumped 2 or 3
  9. River Kennet - Marsh Benham 0700 - 1200 Cool and sunny - felt quite autumnal first thing. 9-15ºC 2 Chub; a brace of 2lbers and a couple of chublets. 30+ Roach & a doz+ Dace - nothing particularly big. 5 Bleak. 3 Rainbows 2½-4½lb. 1 Brownie; 3lb+ A morning hunting chub but finding mainly rainbows - I also lost 3 - one of which was nailed by a huge pike as I brought it in!
  10. Alders Lake - Thatcham 1745 - 2215 Overcast, quite breezy at times and the AT actually went up a degree from 15-16ºC 1 Bream; 4lb 14oz. 1 Tench - c1lb. 2 Perch - both 'half decent' around 8-10oz. 3 Rudd. Bites a-plenty for the first couple of hours (though I think a lot of them were rudd attacking the shot) - went very quiet as it got dark - exact opposite to what usually happens. Only bite after 2000 was the bream - which was very much a last cast fish - and meant I had a very slimy net to put in the car! Surprised at the size of the perch - though I shouldn't be with all
  11. River Kennet - Widmead 1015 - 1215 Sunny spells and still cool - 14ºC. 1 Chub: 1½lb. 13 Dace: most a really nice size - biggest 12oz. 1 Roach. A real pain getting through the minnows - but once you did there were some quality dace on offer - still hoping this swim will produce decent chub - but had just the one modest sized one early in the session to show for my efforts. Best dace of the season (so far!)
  12. River Kennet - Hambridge 0615 - 0930 Cool (9ºC) and overcast - more like late October than late August! River higher than normal for this time of year - but reasonably clear given all the rain this week. 2 Chub; 3lb 14oz & a chublet. 1 Pike; 8lb 12oz. 7 Dace, 5 Roach and a couple of brownies - 12oz+. Chub first cast ( as per usual) after trickling in maggot for 15mins before starting. One of the dace was an absolutel clonker - a season's best for all of 2 and a bit hours (see part 2!). Pike appeared after resting the swim - I'd fished it for 90 mins or so then went exp
  13. Not exactly unexpected - I've not had a Kennet barbel (from anywhere) since Oct 2016 - when I had a 10lber from this swim. 2017/18 season I put in over 150 rod hours for them without so much as a bite so I'm now down to the odd session - expecting a blank! Still at least I caught my first gudgeon from here in 5 years!!
  14. River Kennet - Brimpton 1800 - 2300 Warm, still evening (calm after the storm!). River up a tad and carrying a bit of colour (and the odd branch!) 2 Roach (handsized). 2 Dace. 3 Gudgeon & a Brownie (small). An hour's trotting - hopeful of a chub - but really just a blank prevention measure (!) followed by 4 hours staring at a couple of isotopes willing one of them to wrap around with a three foot twitch. Alas the only excitements came from the crayfish and numerous bats crashing into the line.....
  15. No - TAA still sharing north bank with CALPAC - surprised to have the place to myself on a Saturday in August!
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