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  1. River Lambourn - Newbury 0800 - 1245 Cold (-1º -> 4ºC) bright and sunny. River very full but clear as always! 18 Grayling with around half a dozen in the 12oz class and a couple of bigger ones to 1lb 6oz. 1 Dace; 10oz & half a dozen brownies 1 fish of a 1lb plus the rest small or parrs. Another 2 inches of rain since last weekend has really stuffed up the Kennet and with the first frost of the year there was only really one choice if I wanted to get on the bank this weekend. Seems I wasn't the only one - I encountered 8 other anglers fishing here this morning! Usual tactics of catch a couple and move on - dace was a bit of a surprise - especially the size of it.
  2. Well it definitely wasn't one of mine as it was an eyed hook - I only use spades in smaller sizes and this was a 14/16...
  3. Thanks Phone confirmed what I thought! C.
  4. Probably wrong forum - but at least it will get seen here! Caught a nuisance Rainbow Trout today on the Kennet and it shed a load of eggs in the net - which somewhat surprised me as I thought that these stockies - which I'm sure it was - are meant to be sterile Triploids! How are they sterilised - and is it fool -proof?
  5. River Kennet Carrier - Marsh Benham 0815 - 1430 Bright and cool (5ºC when I started). River still very full but with little colour despite over ½inch of rain yesterday. 5 Chub; All bar one over 2lb though the biggest was not quite 3lbs. A doz Roach - all 'hand-sized' with a couple slightly bigger. 4 Dace - including a brace of 10oz fish. 10 Brownies & 5 Rainbows - all in the 2½-3½ class. Day off - to treat meself fo my birthday and it turned into a day of trying (and usually failing!) to avoid the trout! Biggest chub first cast and it had another angler's hook in its scissors (one of yours - Rusty?) - but thereafter I had to keep moving to try and find fish without an adipose! One of the rainbow's shed a load of eggs in the net - which somewhat surprised me as I thought that they were meant to be sterile Triploids!
  6. Kennet & Avon Canal - Enborne 0800 - 1630 Cool and overcast morning, bright sunny afternoon. AT 4º - 8ºC but felt cooler in the breeze! 9 Perch; Most around 12+oz but nothing over 1¼lb, 1 Pike; 2lb. 1½doz Roach, 2 Dace & a Gudgeon. Another session after big stripeys and just like most of my catches further downstream fish of a remarkably similar stamp. Started off with Pike trouble - got bitten off first cast - and landed it (same one!) second - so I got my hook back. ALL perch dawn and dusk.
  7. Eventually got around to having a play with the functionality on the blog - loving the new headline feature - will start using that a lot plus the fact yiu can upload pics directly no more need to find somewhere to host pics...
  8. Northcroft Stream - Newbury 1030 - 1130 Overcast with a chilly breeze - AT 6ºC. 1 Chub 2lb 3oz. Quick, impromptu session as Jaq hit the sales (again!). In truth, I didn't expect to catch as the stream was somewhat turbulent so rather surprised to see my float disappear on my first put in. It proved to be my only bite!
  9. K&A Canal - Woolhampton 1400 - 1615 Bright sunshine - and quite mild at 9ºC but quickly got cooler as the sun set. 1 Perch; 1lb 3oz. 1 Pike 3lb 9oz. With a couple of cracking perch already 'under my belt' (see 30 December part 1)! for the day I decided to fish a couple of new swims on this stretch. The first appeared to be Pike heaven - lost one, then landed one, so moved to another new spot - where I had a solitary bite right at the death resulting in the stripey....
  10. River Kennet - Hambridge 0945 - 1245 Bright sunshine, calm and quite mild (9ºC). River FULL! Bank high and up another 6 inches or so on my last visit here at the begining of the month - little colour though. 2 Perch; 2lb 11oz & 2lb 8oz. 8 Grayling - (all 6-10oz), 2 Roach, 1 Dace & 3 Brownies to circa 1lb. So, the plan for today was to start on a favourite flood water swim - hoping to snaffle a big chub and then switch to the canal for the witching hour for some perch. The perch therefore were a big surprise - my biggest from here since 10/11 season when I had a 2lb 14oz fish from this swim. And can't remember getting so many grayling at one go either - usually 1 or 2 show up amongst the dace. Not a hint of any chub!
  11. Kennet & Avon Canal - Woolhampton 1345 - 1615 Dull, calm and cool. AT 7ºC despite forecasts promising double figures! 7 Perch; 1lb 8oz, 1lb 5oz & 5 smalluns. Lovely benign afternoon on the canal - near perfect winter weather for perching - though would have preferred it to be a bit milder. Biggest 2 on the dinner bell time of 4 o'clock!
  12. River Lambourn - Shaw 1000 - 1300 Cool (7ºC) and drizzly - river very full and with a merest hint of colour. 5 Grayling - all smallish & 5 Brownies (ditto apart from one 'netter') As Sam was in Newbury for the NAC Boxing Day run and Jaq was hitting the sales - I had the perfect excuse for a quick session (not that I need an excuse!). Picked here as I wanted to see what the river was like now they've removed the gauge weir plus I wanted to try out my new wading boots. Fishing was very scratchy with no more than a couple from any one spot. Boots fit much better than my old pair which were too tight - and falling apart anyhow and the river minus the weir looks rather good - a lovely long deepish glide where the weir was - looked like it should hold fish when it settles down - and hopefully gets some weed growth!
  13. Rather nice collection of pics - methinks! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-50742373
  14. River Kennet Carrier - Marsh Benham 0845 - 1245 Mild with bright sunshine. River very full - up at least a foot on normal levels and quite coloured (for here!) 3 Chub; 2 over 1lb (but not by much!), 20 Dace and Roach in equal nos - some quite chunky ones too - best roach was 14oz and had 3 dace over 8oz. 4 Brownies from 2lb to over 4lb & a Rainbow of nearly 5lb! Winter chub hunt thwarted by troot turning up in all my banker swims, some really chunky ones too, which didn't fight at all like trout, keeping low in the water imitating ole rubber lips. Carrier was in really good nick with so much water in it - just as well as the main river was unfishable and over-topping its banks.
  15. River Lambourn - Newbury 1130 - 1430 Cool (3º->6ºC), bright and very blowy! River well up and with just a hint of colour. 25 Grayling; With half over 10oz. Best 1lb 4oz with quite a few more an ounce or two shy of that. 3 Brownies, a lber and a couple of parr fish. Default venue when the Kennet has burst it's banks (It's flowing into on of our club lakes atm!). Usual catch a couple and move on tactics, though I did get 8 or 9 from one spot including the biggest one.
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