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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-56654460 C.
  2. I use the porrige oats 'trick' - works OK for me.... C.
  3. I can vouch for Wylies - my pb tinca (7-10) was from there - but way past its hayday - and a rake used to be a must!
  4. I love chub - had over 100 'pounders' in 5 of the last 9 seasons - and one of my seasonal targets is to get a decent one (well a pounder at least!) in every month of the season (June-March). Not many years I don't achieve it. Fun fact anagram of Chris Plumb is Mr Chub Lips - which has been my nom de plume on other online forums in the past!
  5. Plumby’s Annual Round-up. And so another season comes to a close – and I’m just thankful that I had a season at all. The Angling Trust somewhat came of age this year and showed itself to be an effective voice for anglers with its successful lobbying of government for angling during the pandemic. Fishing local did curtail my usual winter jaunts south in search of big ladies – but it was a small price to pay. Best Carp: 13lb 14oz. 9th September. Float fished maggot – Willows. I rarely carp fish and usually try and avoid the blighters – this was a ‘by-catch’ on light-ish tackle meant f
  6. Hi John - just count myself fortunate that we were allowed to angle at all!!! Staying local had the biggest impact - no trips outside the county to fish the Frome and or Itchen for big grayling - meant my half year permit for DDAS went unused will certainly want to rectify that next winter!
  7. I'm sure of it. The swim is a long glide on a wide bend - there's probably half a dozen spots you could fish from. I start at the very top and work my way down until I'm opposite the trees in the feature photo. This took all morning and after resting the swim I just fished the bottom of the glide. What was interesting is that the closer I got to the trees - the bigger the fish got!
  8. Kennet & Avon Canal - Enborne 1430 - 1745 Overcast, VERY windy with light rain for last hour and a half. AT 10º ->7ºC. 7 Perch; 4 over 1lb of which 2 were over 2lb - best 2lb 10oz (last bite of the season - I nice way to end!) Many, MANY years ago (probably sometime during the last millennium) I bought a pack of 3-way swivels. I stuffed them in with a wallet of tubing and they have languished at the bottom of one of my tackle boxes ever since. I suppose I must have thought 'they might come in useful one day' - well that day was today! My morning venue is relatively s
  9. River Kennet (& Carrier) - Marsh Benham 0830 - 1345 Milky sunshine to start - clouding over - very breezy. AT 5º ->10ºC. River in good winter nick - full with a slight tinge of colour. 3 Chub: All over 2lb - best 3lb 6oz. 1 Pike: 4lb 11oz (On sweetcorn - took it on the retrieve!). A doz Roach; various sizes - one worthy of the scales went 14oz. 2 Dace - small. 1 Rainbow - 2½lb & 2 Brownies: 1½ - 2lb. Last day trip to the venue I started my river season back in June. Was hoping to reacquaint myself with the 5lber from last weekend - or rather its big sister and I
  10. Kennet & Avon Canal - Woolhampton 1500 - 1800 Sunny with scattered showers. Windy/blowing a hoolie, especially during the squalls. 8ºC 9 Perch: 2lb 14oz & 8 small uns - one of which was close to a pound the rest half that or less. 2 Pike: 3lb 13oz & 3lb 4oz. 1 Chub circa 8oz. Pike are always a piscatorial hazard when fishing lobs but slightly miffed to get one from each of my 2 'banker' perch swims. It looked like my last trip here of the season would end in disappointment on the perch front until quite literally last cast (in the ever increasing gloom) produced
  11. Less than 2.5mm of rain (so far) no where near enough to stuff up the river (thankfully!)
  12. And there was me worried you might have gone to Hambridge today.....!
  13. River Kennet - Hambridge 1330 - 1600 Bright and sunny. AT 12ºC. River 'full' and gin clear. 2 Chub 2lb 7oz & a 'pounder'. 5 Dace - 3 real clonkers (for dace!) the one I weighed went 11oz the other 2 probably an ounce or so under that. 2 Grayling - both small. Had to make the most of what might be my last chance at the Kennet this season - if the forecast for tomorrow is to be believed! 6 fish in the first 10 minutes followed by nearly two hours without a bite! (bright sun and a clear river are hardly ideal conditions). Thought that there'd be more action once the sun wa
  14. Certainly up there for average size - most of the 4s were over 4½ and it got to the point of only weighing those which looked over 4 so may have missed some 'scrapers'! In truth though I was hoping for something even bigger - had a 6-03 from this swim March last year and my PB of 6-07 was caught just upstream of here in 2012 - just couldn't get through the nuisance 5lbers!
  15. Feeling pretty sated after today!
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