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From: Ist day

Posted by arbocop , 21 June 2014 · 648 views
16th -19th June - 4 Rivers
Source: Ist day


Bay Slinging

Posted by arbocop , 20 October 2009 · 5,186 views

20 July - Ilfracombe, Devon.  Chucking gripper leads into the surf.I had a single morning of the second part of the family holiday visting friends in which I decided I would try and catch a bass or a thornback.  The nearby beach was good for both apparently, and I had caught bass and doggies here before on the rising tide.  This was a two centre holiday v...


Sea Fly Fishing 13 July

Posted by arbocop , 20 October 2009 · 277 views

13th July - Fly Fishing for Bass.  Pembrokeshire. The Family holiday.  An early morning attempt at catching bass on the fly.  Despite a rising tide, and loads of sandeels around, I managed to catch nowt.  I spotted a pollack and what looked like a sea trout leaping from the waves around 50 yards out - well out of range.  A beautiful spot though, good for...


Big trout and flapping geese...

Posted by arbocop , 04 August 2009 · 288 views

27th June.  River Kennet, Thatcham.5am ‘til 11 am.Barbel (2lb ish), 6 or 7 Trout (I lost count, but I think I caught at least one twice) biggest 3lb 2oz, Chub (2lb ish) several dace and gudgeon.An early morning session at the river, timed so that I can get back for brunch with the missus and 8 month old boy.Dawned warm and hazy at 5am, but looking like it...


Urban Mink

Posted by arbocop , 04 August 2009 · 290 views

21st June. River Kennet, Reading.An overcast early morning session, less than a mile from the town centre.  5am ‘til 10. 8-10 chub to 2lb (lost count) 10-20 dace and roach (lost count).Trotted maggot caught a chub almost every trot through for the first 30 minutes up to 2lb.  The followed by dace and roach to 8oz or so then the swim went dead.  In the las...


Happy dreams only lead to disappointment!

Posted by arbocop , 04 August 2009 · 217 views

17th June.  River Kennet, Thatcham.7 chub, biggest 3lb.  5 brown trout to around 1.5lb, 30-40 dace (to 10oz), roach (all small), perch (not much bigger) and loads of gudgeon.  In addition, 4 crayfish managed to hang on the hook long enough to go into my bag.  Crayfish sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.First day of the coarse season for me and a day off work...


Mayfly - and a trout in a pipe!

Posted by arbocop , 28 May 2009 · 204 views

A long planned trip to the Kennet at Barton Court with a fellow professional.  We had been watching the weather forecasts eagerly as it was approaching peak mayfly time and a dull day would keep them down.  I had scant time enough to commit to my fishing these days, Patrick - my trout hunting colleague - was a consultant and had even less.  I only ever se...


A wet afternoon

Posted by arbocop , 18 May 2009 · 230 views

17th May.  Fly Fishing, Bushyleaze, Lechlade.Weather was breezy and wet.  In fact, to quote Black Adder it was 'wetter than a haddocks cod piece'.  I had the opportunity to go out fishing but due to the weather forecast I had nothing planned.  What to do with my time?  Watched the weather and then decided at midday to have ago for some trout with...


A bad day

Posted by arbocop , 02 May 2009 · 202 views

River Lambourn, Shaw.    2nd May.Weather promising. Had been clearing out tackle and reloaded another line on my Scierra reel leaving dragonfly ready for selling on e-bay.  Everything was ready for another early onslaught on the Lambourn trout followed by an early afternoon trip out with the family.Arrived at the river at 4.30am, tackled up by the car and...


Spooky trout

Posted by arbocop , 25 April 2009 · 195 views

River Lambourn, Shaw.  25th April.The weather forecast the night previous was promising so I planned an early assault on the trout of the Lambourn.  I had to go out with the family at 11am so this was to be an early and short session.  Checked the fly box and made up some leaders with new tippets so that I would be able to fish the dry and the nymph.  The...

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