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My next PB 21.6.19

Posted by The Flying Tench , 21 June 2019 · 0 views

At the start of a new season, in case it's of any interest to anyone, here are my pbs so far. The question is, how to improve at least one of them this season given that I'm a bit of a cushy 'pleasure angler', not into all night stints and with health issues hindering also:
roach   1lb 9oz      River Farm Lake, Fareham     Oct 2009               float single caster
rudd     2lb 2oz      Aquatek Lake, Woolhampton  May 2009             float single maggot
dace          7oz      River Kennet, Newbury           Nov 2014              float 4 maggots
chub    6lb 9oz      River Kennet, Newbury           Nov 2003              feeder 2 dendrobaena
barbel  8lb 0oz      R. Kennet weirpool, Thatcham Aug 2006             ledger luncheon meat
bream  6lb 6oz      Orchid Lakes, Dorchester       May 2019              feeder 8mm pellet
carp    18lb 14oz   Bell Wood Lake, Newbury       July 2000              2 floating dog biscuits
crucian  1lb 11oz   Dixons Lake, Thatcham          July 2002              ledgered sweetcorn 3' tail
goldfish 1lb 5oz     North Lake, Greenham           April 2008             float lift method (maggot?)
tench     6lb 4oz     Wylie's Lake, Newbury           May 2000             float pellet paste
perch     3lb 6oz     Aquatek Lake, Woolhampton March 2010          feeder - popped up lobworm
zander   c 1lb         Rutland Water                        Sept 2018             jigged lure
pike     22lb 4oz     River Thames, Goring            Dec 2014              wobbled smelt
eel         2lb 3oz     Wingham Lake                       May 2009              feeder lobworm
grayling 1lb 4oz     River Lambourn, Newbury     Dec 2011               float single maggot
brown trout 3lb 4oz River Kennet, Newbury        June 1998              wobbled smelt!
rainbow trout 2lb 14oz Pond near Salisbury        May 1985              fly fished - fly plus pellet!
So there it is. One or two good fish, and many happy memories. 6 on float, 6 ledger and 5 other. I still hope to improve on a few of them. Comments and insults welcome!

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