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Estate Lake Pike

Posted by Rob Ward , 15 November 2011 · 5,929 views

Saturday 12th November - Cheshire MereGraeme took me Pike fishing for a day on a big Cheshire Mere on a guest pass from his club, the Mere is around 47 acres and is boat only - the club have one punt for use of the members.The Mere is horse shoe shaped, it's actually an Estate Lake and was created by damming a stream about four hundred years ago.We al...


Autumn Barbel

Posted by Rob Ward , 15 November 2011 · 300 views

My friend Graeme and I started to get stuck into the Barbel on our club stretch of the Ribble in the Autumn, we mostly fished short evening sessions midweek and spent the first few exploring the stretch trying to find likely fish holding areas. We identified one particular swim that looked promising, from up the bank you could see a sandstone ledge about...


Two Little Ducks

Posted by Rob Ward , 09 August 2011 · 5,043 views

On Friday 29th July I began my River campaign on a club stretch of the Ribble not far from Preston.I joined the club last Autumn along with my friend Graeme and we managed one trip hoping for a Barbel at the beginning of October, unfortunately that day coincided with the first frost of the winter and killed our chances.As it happens fellow forumite Rik ak...


Wingham Tenching 2011

Posted by Rob Ward , 29 June 2011 · 6,284 views

This is my first attempt at a blog entry so please bear with me, it's pretty much cobbled together from forum posts but I wanted somewhere to record everything in one place as I'm hopeless at keeping records and hopefully this will improve that.Session One - Royal Wedding WeekendI was hoping for a swim known as Eggbox Platform but was going to lea...

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