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  1. Yes, there was a rather large wind bag in the passenger seat of my car.
  2. Once again I had a great time (in spite of being out fished by Mumford who had nine and a Perch), it really is loads of fun! I ended up with a couple more than last season (five) and a decent fish to boot, should be able to find it at the link below. What weight would you give me for that one? https://plus.google.com/photos/112245126476773696070/albums/6204848397165366097/6204848403254183554 Thanks again Andrew for organising the day, everyone said how much they enjoyed it, very much appreciated.
  3. My mates name is Dave Mumford btw. His rod turned up and must have had a defective blank, it shattered into three pieces when he tied his fluoro leader on and pulled to test the knot. He's asked the supplier for a replacement but there's a chance it may not be here on time. Is there still a spare rod he can borrow if necessary please? Cheers Rob
  4. Suspected as much, right that's going back then. I already have a 6'6" baitcaster rated 7-42g and to be honest there's no discernable difference in the action of the two.
  5. Also my friend has bought himself a rod and reel so won't be needing to borrow your spare one now. Cheers Rob
  6. Andrew - the rod (fox rage ultron vjig cast) arrived monday and has a trigger grip is that right?
  7. Andrew - the rod (fox rage ultron vjig cast) arrived monday and has a trigger grip is that right?
  8. Andrew - the rod (fox rage ultron vjig cast) arrived monday and has a trigger grip is that right?
  9. My mate will need to borrow a rod and reel if that's OK please? I've ordered one of the Ultron rods. We're sorted for terminal tackle.
  10. My friend has a Wychwood drogue so we're covered there and I bought a chinese fish finder this year that's pretty good, I'll get the boat mount transducer for it. On the rods - there's a Fox Rage V Jig on eBay for £54 - worth a punt or stick with the Ultron - is this the right one http://www.climaxtackle.co.uk/fox_rage/ultron_vertical_jig_cast_rod.htm Cheers Rob
  11. Right, thanks Andrew however I was telling a colleague who's a keen pred angler but not fished for a while and he wanted to come along as well so I've booked another boat. I bought a reel in preparation earlier this year and am now loooking for a rod. Has anyone got one for sale and what lure weight rating should I be looking for? My friend is also looking but we may need to borrow a rod and reel if there's spares available? Looking forward to it!
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