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Short Session Blank!

Well today between swapping my big car for a fiesta temporarily till they repair the damage, and going to my son's parent's evening I managed to get a little fishing in…. I do work for a living, honest!   On the way I was in a bit of a hurry so tried a new tackle shop, courtesy of advice from AN forum. EasyTackle.com in Shirley. Was a great shop, well stocked with a friendly bloke and cheap too… It’s a bit far from me normally but it might well be worth the drive. Their mail order service loo



Friday Fun

So after a number of not particularly successful sessions, mainly on the river, and having had a car crash on the way to my last river trip I needed a confidence building fishing session, otherwise I was in danger of giving it up over the cold months. Last year Was my first full year of fishing and with some enthusiasm I fished through rain, sleet, snow and ice but I could se this winter being different if I didn’t get a confidence booster….   So I headed up to Blythe Waters, run by British W



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