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Short Session Blank!





Well today between swapping my big car for a fiesta temporarily till they repair the damage, and going to my son's parent's evening I managed to get a little fishing in…. I do work for a living, honest!


On the way I was in a bit of a hurry so tried a new tackle shop, courtesy of advice from AN forum. EasyTackle.com in Shirley. Was a great shop, well stocked with a friendly bloke and cheap too… It’s a bit far from me normally but it might well be worth the drive. Their mail order service looks pretty good too,


Anyway with all the delays managed to fish from about 11.30am till about 3pm, not exactly ideal hours unless you're on a match venue. This was a new place to me, sort of an estate lake, not to big but reputed to have 15lb+ carp. Unfortunately because of the little car I couldn’t fit in my carp rods so I made do with some waggler fishing, which I had seen a couple of days ago result in a nice crucian. No luck today! However had the bonus of meeting with a fellow forum member on the bank who then proceeded to tell me about his PB barbell the evening before…. The weather was amazing November bright sunshine and about 15 deg temp


Better than being at work anyway!


Next week I plan to go pike fishing with Andy Burgess!


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