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The plan – A chub from the Blackwater - 2nd December



Only a short afternoon visit, and a bit shorter than planned as I spent far too long waffling with the owner of the local tackle shop where I buy my maggots! That said, he did recommend a swim on the river Blackwater where I might get a chub or two.




He didn’t mention that it was also full of gudgeon! So after ten minutes trotting maggots, and ten bites, and ten gudgeon…..I moved to another swim!


The move paid off, second trot through my 6 x No.4 stick float dipped, and I had my first chub….all 2oz of it!




A few minutes later another chub, getting bigger, this one would have pushed the scales to around 4 ounces.




Next one was even bigger, around 12oz and playing this one, and yes I did have to be a bit careful….2lb hooklength and a size 17 hook…unfortunately attracted the interest of a pike which repeatedly went for the chub as I tried to get it in the net as fast as I could. I’d guess the pike was around 7-8lb, average kind of size for the Blackwater, and great fun to catch on the right tackle…a plan for later into the winter.


Last chub of the brief afternoon foray was very much in the size range I had hoped for, even Mr. Pike didn’t bother as I tried to keep this one under an element of control. I had a few anxious minutes as the chub tried its utmost to reach the safety of the tree roots eventually tiring enough for me to slide the net under it. Three pounds and twelve ounces…that would do….mission accomplished.




I did also get a few dace to around 6oz, and a couple of perch, so all in all a very successful 90 minutes fishing!


Not brilliant quality picutes as I left my camera at home, and haven’t yet got to grips with the camera on my new phone, give me another six months and I might be a bit better…or not!

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Hi Paul,

Strange, I was going to that Blackwater swim on Monday 1st Dec, to go for the chub on bread with the stick, but changed my mind because of the trouble I had with that pike in the summer. As it happened, I went to my local river for the afternoon. No chub, but a shed load of roach and gudgeon including a big perch, that took one.



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Another excellent write up from you Ken, and a smashing perch, no doubt you will be back for another try at it, and remember to weigh it next time!!


I think if you fish the Blackwater you have to just accept that a pike will turn up at some point, the river seems to be prolific with them at times. I've had them try and snatch the float on retrieve on a few occasions and really must have a proper go for them one day.....maybe this winter.

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The pike in that swim was attacking 4 oz perch. Never had that before. I will be back to the Blackwater soon for the chub, but will keep a pike rig set up. I was thinking of a sprat on a link leger/float. What do you think? In the summer I ran a plug through several times and didn't have a touch, then went back to the stick, hooked a nice dace and the pike took it straight away! Lost it again soon after.

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You might get more interest with a deadbait than a plug, but I'd say your best bet would be a livebait. Always a tricky one on a venue that has a lot of prey fish. I've got a pike resident in the stream at the bottom of the garden, along with plenty of food fish and it consistently turns its snout up when I run a plug or lure past it. It will occassionally sniff at a deadbait, but a live bait, it goes mental to and grab it.....the same on the Blackwater I suspect.

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