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1 August

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Newbury


0515 - 0745


Cool (5ºC when I started) and clear. River with a little more flow and quite clear for a change.


1 Chub; 5lb 13oz. 30 Dace. 20 Roach. 6 Gudgeon. 1 Grayling.


Cracking dawn trotting session and home for breakfast! Chub were the target and I was at the head of the swim before 0500, trickling in maggot for 20 mins or so waiting for it to get light enough to see my float. Sure enough the trick worked and first trot through the float buried and I was connected to a lump of a chub - which thankfully I managed to keep out of the various obstructions on offer to it to effect an escape.


After such a great start I was hopeful of some more chevins - however it soon became clear that Mr Esox was in residence (or probably MRS Esox judging by the size of it) and after its brekkie so I dropped downstream 60m or so and fished a fast streamy run for the rest of the morning - where it was practically a fish a trot.




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What surprises me about that 2010 session Chris is not that you caught the fish but the fact that a very small swim held 13 chub and a barbel. I know there are (were?) other hotspots on Kennet estates but that's still a lot of chub.

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