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26 September (part 2)

Chris Plumb


K&A Canal - Thatcham


1515 - 1815


Bright and sunny. AT around 15ºC - a very pleasant afternoon.


11 Roach. Best 12oz, with another fish circa 8oz - the rest all smalluns.


Failed perch hunt (part 2)! Paul and I were hitting the canal for the first time this autumn in search of stripeys. Conditions weren't exactly in our favour and the boat traffic was heavier than we would have wished. Plan was to start off fishing maggot and hope that by attracting the silver fish the perch would follow - however we never really got the silvers established before a boat would arrive and neither of us had some much as a sniff from a perch. Paul did at least get a bigger variety of species including a bleak which he needed for the species race we're in this year!


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Thanks for helping to carry my stuff, and also the loan of the hat Chris, think without the latter I would have passed out on the walk back!! This bloddy cancer is slowly eating me up, just hope all the drugs keep me going for at least one more winter of fishing with you on the Kennet, Itchen and Frome!!

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Rest in peace, Paul. This was our last fishing trip together - the last of many hundreds we have shared together over a lifetime. I'm gonna really miss you.....

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