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Chris Plumb


River Kennet Carrier - Marsh Benham

0815 - 1430

Bright and cool (5ºC when I started). River still very full but with little colour despite over ½inch of rain yesterday.

5 Chub; All bar one over 2lb though the biggest was not quite 3lbs. A doz Roach - all 'hand-sized' with a couple slightly bigger. 4 Dace - including a brace of 10oz fish. 10 Brownies & 5 Rainbows - all in the 2½-3½ class.

Day off - to treat meself fo my birthday and it turned into a day of trying (and usually failing!) to avoid the trout! Biggest chub first cast and it had another angler's hook in its scissors (one of yours - Rusty?) - but thereafter I had to keep moving to try and find fish without an adipose! One of the rainbow's shed a load of eggs in the net - which somewhat surprised me as I thought that they were meant to be sterile Triploids!

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Might well have been my hook. I lost a decent fish at chub corner to a parted hook length. Schoolboy error, rod held too low when I thought the fish was beaten then it had one last surge. 

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Well it definitely wasn't one of mine as it was an eyed hook - I only use spades in smaller sizes and this was a 14/16...

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