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Chris Plumb


River Lambourn - Newbury 

0800 - 1045

Bright and cold (2ºC) with a 'fresh' northerly breeze! River up a couple of inches on last visit but gin clear despite heavy overnight rain.

9 Grayling - best 2 weighed in at 1lb 1oz & 14oz - the rest around half this stamp. 2 Brownies - a 'pounder' and a parr.

Usual pre Christmas jaunt to use up some bait due to the bait fridge getting its annual deep clean - as the maggots get evicted for a few days and it's comandeered for Christmas duties. Fishing was usual catch a couple and move on tactics - still a little 'scratchy' for here - expected a few more fish based on previous years....

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Yes, that breeze was a little penetrating. I braved Speen Moors and lost a chub (I guess) legering cheesepaste, before my hands felt warm enough to set up for my first attempt trotting with a centrepin. This went particularly well, I endured relatively few tangles and found casting and float control much easier than with a nasty fixed-spool. This said, I again had no bites at all, which I put down to shyness brought on by the cold and that wind, though seeing your post makes me think it was more my personal ineptitude. To avoid a blank, I stopped off close to home at Greenham Mill for and hour where a very welcome 1.5lb brownie performed somersaults all over the small swim before presenting itself to me.

While I'm on, knowing you are a gudgeon fan too, in Wednesday's rain I caught 7 (seven!) of the beauties on the canal by Hambridge bridge, along with 31 roach (none of more than 2 ounces). Not bragging - just wanted to let you know they were in good form and fine fettle.

Happy Xmas to you, Chris. Trust you don't find too many horrors at the back of the fridge. I wouldn't tell Mrs P if you do when loading the vol-au-vents. 


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Merry Christmas to you to - Martin. Glad you warmed to trotting with a pin - I guess you've realised its pretty much ALL I do in the winter - and a great way to keep mobile and stay warm too. I did consider the Kennet yesterday but thought a half inch of rain  and a sudden drop in temps would be too sub-optimal. The Lambourn is always my default in such circumstances - grayling always obliging no matter what the mercury reads! And well done on the canal - I keep hearing of decent perch coming from that stretch - but I failed to find any worth the scales on 2 or 3 exploratory trips I made last winter - looks like there's a lot for them to eat at least!

And there'll be no vol-au-vents in the bait fridge - that would be a step too far for Mrs P - it gets used as a drinks fridge - no food as such!

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