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17 January

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Hambridge

0915 - 1315

Cool, calm and bright. AT 3º - 6ºC. River at normal winter levels and quite clear - looked in great nick.

1 Chub; 1½lb. 3 Perch; 1lb 9oz, 1lb 6oz and a sub lber (but not by much!). 7 Roach - all handsized. 7 Dace - 3 in the 6-8oz class. 4 Brownies - a lber and 3 smalluns.

Usual tactics to snaffle a decent chub from the off meets with a rare failure (I'm blaming the bright conditions and a trout first cast!) - only chub I did get turned up amongst the dace mid session. Nice to see some perch turning up here (they seem to appear once a year!) and I lost a bigger one (possibly a 2lber) just as I was reaching for the net.


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Well played, Chris. I'm just back from a blank (not a touch) this afternoon at Avington.  Shame about that perch. I presume you go wading at Hambridge.  Must be chilly around the ankles.

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Umm - bit to cold and bright for the canal methinks. Not too chilly for wading (in fact it's never too chilly for wading, oft times in the winter the water is warmer than the air temperature!)

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