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Starting At The Begining



Well I guess that is the right place. I will be rambling here at great length no doubt, on diverse subjects, one excellent use that I have already thought of is rather than shouting at stupid comments on the tele I'll post them here, so you can all see my pearls of wisdom.


But for now I have a roast chicken to attend to, and the gravy won't make itself.


Back soon...


...and here I am.


Now plenty of you here know all you could ever want to about me, and probably a great deal more than you want to :P .


But for the rest of you here is a potted biography. Shouldn't take more than a day or 2 to read.


Born in the fair city of York (well strictly speaking at a tiny place called Westow in North Yorkshire) and lived in York to the age of 10. I was fortunate enough to live about in Rawcliffe, about 500 yards from the Ouse, and that is where I learned to fish. Well there and in a tiny farm pond which was even closer to home, about 300 yds, and had the distinct advantage of being on the right side of the A19. My first fishing trip with my dad was when i was 3 years and 4 months old. Even today I can remember the feeling of that first fish. It was a minnow, at the time it appeared huge, but then in a 3 year olds hands that is no surprise. And that was it hooked for life!


Ironically the place I first fished is also the scene of one of my greatest ever fishing feats, more of that later.


and now it's kids bedtimes so once again, I shall return...



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