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Some Home Made Trolling Lures



All of these home made in the last few days, some I've created the shape myself by casting a cylinder and then using a pillar drill as a lathe. Others are copies of commercially made lures, I make silicone mould then create head inserts with eyes etc, and then pour casting resin. Still learning techniques, but made a few I'm proud of, just hope they can catch the fish.

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Hi there, new to the site. Found this post in a search engine, looking for info on lure making. Looking into it my self, and have just ordered a good stock of casting resin and dyes etc. In one of you posts, you mention the lack of large skirts for lure making. I have a good stock arriving in a couple of weeks (Big T) and they will be available through my website www.themarlinhunter.com


Hope this is of some use to you!


Any comments or enquiries


this is a temp email address good for the next few weeks.

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