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13 October

Chris Plumb


River Itchen - Nr Eastleigh


0830 - 1830


Overcast and mild all day, some v light drizzle at first. 15ºC. River at normal levels with some leaf litter.


51 Grayling (36 over 1lb including 13 over 2lb (!!!) Best two: 2lb 13oz, 2lb 9oz), 9 Brown Trout (all between 1½-2½lb), 1 chub 4lb 12oz, 1 Salmon 5lb 10oz.


First ever autumn trip to this stretch of water - courtesy of Paul's excellent networking skills. :secret: Brilliant day's angling - Paul had 27, 1lb+ grayling including 9, 2lbers. (His biggest 2lb 7oz IIRC) He managed to all but avoid the trout and also had a 4lb 14oz chub. Most fish on trotted maggot though also had some decent fish on corn. However corn tended to pick out the trout more! My 2nd biggest ever grayling and first ever 'proper' Salmon (not counting the Parrs amd Smolts the EA keep stocking in the Kennet). Also hooked - and had on for quite a while a MUCH, MUCH bigger Salmon. Jumped a couple of time so that I could get a good look at it. Quite relieved when it shed the hook (a 16) as I was totally undergunned!


Pic below is of the 2lb 9oz fish - camera was in my coat ¼mile downstream when I caught the bigger one. :headhurt:blogentry-459-1224061507_thumb.jpg

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