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Thoughts On Weed…



What a day, I’m heady with thoughts of big fish – mainly due to the fact that after two days work I’ve just finished transferring around 165 reviews to the new forum section: Here. I finished by adding some book reviews, and there are some cracking reviews on titles by the likes of BB, Sheringham, and Sharman – well worth a read.


Anyway, after the excitement of my weekend surface captures, I’m back down to earth with a bang this week - house work all the way. I have the plumber starting today and tomorrow on the new bathroom and then I have plasterers in later this week before I have to get a new oak floor down prior to Lisa coming home (from a week at her mums) on Saturday – its all go!


Aside from the floater fishing I keep catching myself thinking about how to attack the weed problem on the Main Lake. I may just have the answer courtesy of a quick trip down to Mick Ball at MB Baits last Friday. I asked for Mick’s thoughts on the weed problem – at which point he disappeared into the back room and came back with a couple of tubs; the first of which contained a fresh batch of super buoyant Snail & Shell pop-ups that he’d been working on, the other containing a new Snail & Shell soluble fish protein paste to mould around the hookbait – On seeing (and smelling!) these two little gems a grin rapidly spread from ear to ear!


Now I just have to find a way to present the hookbaits. The Top Pool weed is easy, as with Canadian Pond Weed you know if wont stick to the rig or mask everything – it will just tangle on the cast, so the trick is to either make a little clear spot or find one. It can also be predictable in its growth pattern so after a while you learn where to find the clear spots in any lake that is infested with the stuff. Not so with silk weed – It’s just a real pain in the backside as everything just gets masked from the second you chuck it out – it’s like trying to get chewing gum off a shag pile carpet!


So, the plan is to try two things, both based on a single super buoyant hookbait approach. The first will be a medium length braid rig, using just enough lead putty on the braid to make the pop-up neutral density so hopefully the whole thing comes to rest just on top of the weed, and the second rod will be a hookbait popped-up straight off the lead on a short stiff rig.


I’ll leave that with’em for a while and see what develops..!



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