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All Change...



All Change…


It doesn’t seem a minute since my last entry, nearly six months ago! :o


Although when I think back, a lot has happened in that time, not fishing wise, I think I’ve only managed two or three sessions since January, each being a few snatched hours here and there, but the house is pretty much unrecognisable from what it was and of course I’m now a dad!


House wise we still have a fair bit to do but I got the bulk of the messy stuff done by the skin of my teeth before baby Izaak arrived. Walls have been plastered, staircases stripped, wooden floors and carpets laid, and walls painted again!


The day after we got things straight, Lisa went into Labour!


Izaak is now seven weeks old and keeping us on our toes, and as we have just begun to adjust to life with three, I’ve recently managed to get out for a few hours fishing here and there.


Mainly this has consisted of a few hours floater fishing at Blackwood, and I had a nice little session this week which saw me bag the Parrott off the top, the waters largest resident, so I’m more than happy with my short session fishing at the moment; just added an article about it HERE.


This will be the first year that I’ve not started the season by fishing on the Top Pool for as long as I can remember, but I simply can’t devote the time to the place that I’d need to in order to catch the big ones consistently. As such, I’ve been looking at a few little waters close to home where I can get out to fish when time allows. It’s been a refreshing change actually, just going and observing waters to see if they have potential.


I’ve pretty much decided on a water just up the road which I’ve never fished before and will be getting a permit once the season starts. I’ve been doing my homework and Izaak has been joining me on regular reconnaissance missions to suss out where the fish are during the closed season. I’ve seen some decent fish and certainly have an idea where to start targeting my efforts, so I’m looking forward to the new challenge.


The fish aren’t as big as those I’m used to but that’s not why I’m fishing it, I just want to enjoy and make the most of the time I have available. An old friend, Mart, who I used to fish with all the time has also come out of a self imposed fishing retirement and we’ve done a few sessions together over the last few weeks which has been great fun – just like old times, and mart’s also getting a permit for this new place so it should be enjoyable fishing whatever happens.



The new arrival...



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