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  1. I'd love a Korum ruckbag but they is expensive
  2. Thanx 4 the advice ERmmm, I picked up one of the small tackle bags the other week, but what im really looking for is a ruckbag and i thought whilst i was buying that i would replace my rod bag
  3. Looking to buy a luggage set, which includes; Holdall, rod bag and rucksack. Preferably cheap. Anyone know any good retailers? Thanx in advance, Gone Fishin'
  4. Caught a nice common carp off the top again, using dog biscuits. This time I had some scales and the fish weighed in at 15Ibs. With this in mind, I would say the leather was a heavier fish and would now estimate the fish was in the high teens and possibly a twenty. I don't think the pictures do the fish justice and that is why alot of people underestimated the size of the fish.
  5. Sweetcorn, bread, luncheon meat and dog biscuits. Balls to Boilies!
  6. could've sworn this was a leather. Anyone else?
  7. Caught this cracking leather carp off the surface using floating bread, unfortunately i didn't have any scales with me. A guy on the bank gave me 20Ibs but I honestly don't know. Anyone hazard a guess? p.s. please accept my apologies for the gormeless look on my face
  8. I've read many posts on this forum, where Carp get called rotten. Anyone tell me why Carp aren't a well liked fish?
  9. I'd hazard a guess at Roach/Bream hybrids
  10. I was in two minds whether or not to make this post. I feel really bad about what happened and if I could turn back the clock obviously I would. I made this post as a warning of what could happen, if you don't act quickly when birds approach your tackle. I appreciate the replies and god forbid anyone else experiences this but maybe they will remember Tigger's advice, not panic and retrieve their line, instead of cutting it.
  11. Fair point Brian, to be honest I would have retrieved the line sooner than my mate did.
  12. Hi, Just thought i'd share my worst experience fishing ever. Went for a chuck last nite. There was a duck on the water with 8 ducklings. My mate was float fishing and whilst his float was out, the duckings came noseying. When one of the ducklings was about 50 cms from the float my mate lifted his rod and, you guessed it, he hooked the duckling, this paniced the duckling, which in turn sent the mother duck into a frenzy. The mother duck in attempting to help her baby then got caught in the line. At this point I told my friend to cut the line, which he did. The mother then proceeded to
  13. hi, i've recently acquired a Shimano Alivio Medium Feeder Rod. Am I safe to target small/medium sized carp with this rod? Cheers in advance GF
  14. Hi peeps, Quick question. I have two Shimano rods, one float rod ax and one medium feeder bx rod. What do the AX and BX signify if anything? Cheers in advance, GF
  15. whereabouts in Manchester is that pond, my friend
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