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    Hazel Copse

    Hi Has anyone fished Hazel Copse recently? If so how has it been fishing? And can anyone give me any info on what flies are doing well and any other tips for this time of year. Also do they still stock salmon? Cheers Daniel
  2. Hi I am interested in having some trout in one of my ponds. Does anyone know where I can buy live trout from in small quanties south of London? Thanks Daniel
  3. Hi I am quite new to fly fishing, and I was wondering if someone could give me advice on how to catch a stillwater stocked salmon. I went fly fishing at Hazel Copse fishery (South East England) where they stock both trout and salmon, although I saw plenty of salmon, I didnt catch anything. If anyone has been to Hazel Copse or knows what sort of flies/techniques to use please could you tell me. Also what sort of flies and fly colours are best for trout this time of year (october/november)? Your help is much appreciated Thanks Daniel
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