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  1. Good luck this weekend, hopefully the gods will be kind. Catch up with you in the new year. Have a good one. Cracker
  2. Cheers for that, may be worth having a look in the future.
  3. Are there any inland watereways local to us that kayakers are allowed to fish on? I asked at Hanningfield and they only allow the hire of their small motor boats. I am trying get organised for next year, really keen on giving the yak fishing a good go.
  4. Thanks for that, all help/info is appreciated.
  5. Hi there, i am new to this and wouold like to know what weight anchor is advisable for kayak fishing , I have seen 0.75kg, 1.5kg and up.??????
  6. Pity. But I got huge brownie points as I sacrificed a paddling trip and went on a cross country run with my wife. End up in water, mud and wind - much like paddling.
  7. Not sure if my last message went through, but thanks for letting me know. I checked forum as I was leaving, really annoyed because yesterday was great . Take care, will stay in touch and hopefully get together in the new year.
  8. Codshead Thanks for that, thought I would check forum just before going out the door. The weather looks terrible but I wasn't sure if you would be there and felt I should get over there and meet up. I'm sorry I cann't get out and try some new bits and pieces. Will have to wait until the new year, as I am away for a few weeks from next weekend. We can catch up then. Enjoy the lay in. Cracker
  9. Hi there, thanks for that. I have been sorting some tackle today and look forward to tomorrow. See you there. Cheers.
  10. Sorry, I didn't mention that I was planning to get out early morning, weather permitting and condition of head. Will have to take it easy at the staff party.
  11. I was planning on a general paddle to explore a bit and would cast a line as well, to see what happens. It would be great to meet up, if you don't mind the worlds "unlucky-est" fisherman with you. Where do you launch from, what time would you launch, any idea of how long you would be out for? Excuse the presumption and all the questions. I have put together a "tester" anchor trolley that I can use to hook up to a bouy (as I haven't got an anchor yet, but I can arrange a loan one) and would like to give it a go.
  12. Cheers Codshead I will be in touch in the new year as I will away for a while. If you have any plans on going out please let me know and I will try and meet up with you. Didnot get out this weekend, due to other committments, just as well because weather was terrible. Maybe Maldon on Sunday?
  13. Hi Codshead, thanks for that. I am based in Braintree and will try and get to meet up in the new year if you and your fellow fishermen don't mind some novice company. I should be out in Walton-on-Naze this Sunday (depending on weather and family commitments) for a general paddle with a friend who is a keen sea kayaker.
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