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    Course (mainly river), Fly and would love to do more Sea

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I have been fishing since 1970 when I got given my first fishing rod, I was 7 years Old. I have fished regularly ever since. I lived in Earlswood Warwickshire as a kid and fished the lakes daily. I fished with many prominent Midland Anglers from the 70’s mainly for Pike. I also fished for the massive shoals of bream. I tagged on to regular anglers as none of my family fished.

I had fantastic childhood spent fishing. I ventured out on to the cannels as I got older and also discovered a secret lake full of tiny perch; I spent endless hours fishing there.

As I got older I started to fish the river Avon and have always felt that this was my own water, I AM IN LOVE WITH THE Avon!!!

I moved around the country with my work and lived in Oxford for 3 years and fished the Isis regularly, I also lived in Brackley Northants and fish a lot of small tributes of the Cam for chub and barbel, I then moved to Newbery were I spent many hours on the Kennet and lambourn. Later I moved to Newcastle on Tyne. This is were I started to fly fish and was introduced to Salmon and sea trout fishing, still a love that I don’t get to do often enough.

I then moved to Nottingham and had great fun fishing the Trent, From Nottingham I moved to Latvia for 7 years and was spoilt with the amazing fishing Latvia has to offer. This was preceded by 2 years in Sweden were I filled my boots on fly fishing, pike and Zander as well as lure fishing for salmon and sea trout.

I returned to the UK to Essex were I fished the Chelmer for about 2 years, I then returned to Warwickshire and can be found fishing the Avon for pike and Zander as well as the odd barbel fishing day.

I still love the fly and fish a lot at draycot.

I would say my fishing loves are

Pike and Zander

Big perch

Fly Reservoirs

Salmon and sea trout on fly or lure

And general course fishing,

I am lucky as the river Arrow runs at the bottom of my Garden, I am very often found down there in the evening trotting with a pin for dace, chub and roach.

I would love to do more sea angling, but being midland based I don’t get to do much, I do enjoy sea angling when I get the chance but have a lot to learn.


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