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  1. Fly fishing in Sweden for seatrout in the 90's i caught a 100 Krona Note, (about £8 then) in fast flowing water, I tried all day but could not catch anymore!!!! Caught a few trout though!!
  2. I have a cased Bream, caught the river Blyth 1933 near knowle, 3lb 12 oz i have always wanted to fish the Blyth, I think I did when i was very young with a family freind but can't be certain, i will defo try to fish it next season
  3. Hi all Im a Fly and Course man who has fished a bit in the sea around UK (Charter boats and Shore) I have recentley been divorced, Kids are Grown up so are looking to achive a life time ambition. I want to go Big Game fishing. I dont have a massive Budget and dont really know were to Start, Cuba looks Inviting But would welcome some advice and sugestions, even were to book. If your able to help I would much appriciate it, I will be travlling on my own. Thanks Richard
  4. Oh No Not Again,………Well can you believe it, 9 years later and the same factory has had a fire and explosion (Yesterday 22/04/2010) and again all the fish are dead in the Anker from Weddington (Near Nuneaton) as far as Atherstone and most likely beyond. It was devastating to see the fish yesterday dead and floating down the river, this company needs to be closed down, they have not learnt any kind of lesson from before and no plan was put in place to stop contaminated water getting into the river. Disgraceful, this is such a lovely little river with great fishing and well used locally. I was planning my first day of the season on the Anker. Angry is too light a word to describe my feelings, disgraceful, the full force of the law needs to be exercised. Link http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/nort...746-26301869/2/
  5. Try free lining bread for chub, fold a nice piece onto the hock, (size 8 or there abouts) dunk in the water an flick it out play line of the reel, center pin is best and wait for the action, make sure you keep in touch with the bait, the bites are very positive, also feed the swim for 10 minuets before you cast in.
  6. Yes it came on the float, I was long troting just below the wear (second peg) on the second Medow, the fish took at the junction were the boat lock cuts of from the river Its a good swim and often occupied, the baliff told me no one had fished it for over a week which is unusal. Its a gravle bottom mid river about 4 foot deep. Good luck
  7. Due to a change in my personal life I have not been able to wet a line for 3 months; finally I got out on the Bank on Tuesday. I went to the River Avon on the Seven Meadows stretch below Stratford, controlled by Stratford Angling Club. I took my trusted pin and 13 ft float road, a pint and a half of Maggots and a tin of Luncheon meat I started Long trotting and caught every cast, Roach, Chublet, Minnow, and all manor of tiny Fish, I upped my Hock Size to 14 and fished 3 maggots, the size of the fish improved slightly, then I caught a 1/2lb Barbel, which was really nice to catch, I carried on for an hour more but the Maggots were just catching small fish, I was hoping for some Chub or Barbel. I then went on to meat and hooked something solid first cast, but it snagged me and I had to put free. After about an Hour I again hooked what could only be a barbel and the merry dance began, What a fight, 15 minuets later I banked a wonderful 9lb 2oz Barbel, which was photoed and returned. I fished on for 2 more hours but had nothing more. This is a personal best for me from the River Avon so I was made up. The river had been in perfect nick, little bit of Colour and running at a good pace. Bloody hell how I enjoyed my days fishing after 3 months. I feel like I have just discovered fishing again. Cheers for reading
  8. I was sea trout fishing in Sweden in the 90's with lures on a small river that ran from the Baltic sea to a lake half a mile in land. I hooked a fish that gave me a very dogged fight. it came to the bank and I was supprised to see it was a bream a fluck you might think but i went on to catch about 15 bream. The only reason I can come up with is they were breading and the males were chasing away small fish that were feeding on the eggs? also about a year after I was fishing the very same river this time with the fly when I landed a 100 Kronna Note (about £7.00 worth in those days) I had hooked it right in the corner!!!
  9. As a kid I use to use Tadpoles as perch bait. Perch loved them. You had to hook them in the tail otherwise it just became a mush if you hooked the head. in an old pit I fished as a kid there were massvie clouds of tads, a sweep with the landing net got you all the bait you need for a day. (most of the tads went through the holes but you still had plently in the net)
  10. bluerinse


    I have eaten Lamprey, and have to say its is fantastic. I had it in Latvia were it is somewhat of a delicacy. It is smoked and jellied, you buy it in the markets were they keep it in what we would call washing up bowls It is layered and covered in jelly. As with most things, people would not eat it if it did not taste good; it’s just what your used too. I would eat it again if I could buy it in this country.
  11. Shockingly bad photos, Fine should be a minimum £1mil. And I agree it looks like they were going to hope no one noticed, at this the judge should be doubling the fine, not reducing it for pleading guilty early. Typical of this country currently, we need to get some balls.
  12. go on then I will ask, what you need it for?
  13. This is the earliest Angling Quote that I am aware of, there are fishing quotes earlier but not Angling, Quote used tentatively as this is a poem. Interestingly I believe he is saying he has had enough of commercials (owned ponds) and is going to fish the rivers, No really I believe that is what the poem is about. Source Trinity College, Cambridge, Auther Piers of Fulham Date Fifteenth century Poem Thefor I stonde cliere out of doute, Shall I never ponde wythe pykes store Breame tenche. Perche never the moore. But in rennyng ryvers that bee commone. there will I fisshe and taake my fortune Wyth nettys, and angle hookys, And laye weris and sprenteris in narrowe brookys, for loochis and lampreyes, and good layk, I will stele off no mans a strayke.
  14. I was flyfishing for sea trout in a river in the town of Norrtalje in Sweden when I caught a 100 Swedish krona bank note. Hooked perfectly in the corner. Paid for a couple of beers after. True Story
  15. Glad to see other Warwickshire Anglers trying out Stratford, ave you fished for Zander and perch yet, if you walk 1/2 a mile up river to lucy's mill, there is some great Zander and big perch fishing to be had. As for the fish and chips, I go to the chippy on Sheep Street, Cheaper than Cox's Yard
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