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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a little bit of help. I'm going to the Lakes in September. I am going to the south end of Lake Windermere, its called Lakeside, near Newby Bridge. I am staying at Landing How, as seen on the link i have provided below. I am just looking for advice, on what methods to use, and what fish i can expect?. I will be hoping to float fish, and probably trying spinning or dead bait for Pike aswell. I will be fishing directly from the house i am staying at, as i have been given permission. http://www.lakelovers.co.uk/cottage-details/636 Thank you.
  2. Ok, thanks for taking the time to reply.
  3. I am going to landing how on lake Windermere which is owned by lake lovers. Has anyone fished that part before and what fish can I expect?.
  4. I'm looking to get into pike fishing, ans i was just wondering if anyone could help me out. 1. When are you allowed to fish for Pike on Lake Windermere ( when does season start ) 2. Is there anywhere on the lake where you can rent a boat with a motor?.
  5. anybody know of any decent carp fishing venues around england? with big carp in? im looking for some where nice , and somewhere that isnt too hard to catch. any reccommendations would be helpful
  6. has anyone ever fished there?, i've its quite good. If anyone could give me some info on baits and tactics etc... please let me know
  7. hi, i am wanting to upgrade my tackle but with being a fairly new to carp fishing i am not sure on what is best at the minute. I have had a few recommendations on the following rods. Fox Warrior's and the Nash Venom Rods. I am not sure which to choose from, as the the Fox Warrior's are the best and cheapest option for me. But i'm not familiar with the rod. Also i have been told to try the Ron Thomson Digitronic bite alarms aswell, Which i like the look of and have been told they work quite well. But i would need a steady Rod Pod to go with them. Now onto reels, i currently use Carp Bait Runners, but i am looking for bigger reels, which are durable but at the same time affordable. Any info would be great , cheers
  8. would you not be able to do postage as i would be interested in the item if you could. I'm fair sure postage won't be to dear..an extra £20 should cover it
  9. would you not be able to do postage at all?
  10. mate, did you not read my reply in the other post abou the reeels and alarms
  11. henda11


    i was just wondering what roach are like this time of year? will they be feeding?, as i am going carp fishing 2moro and dunno weather to take float rod and fish for some roach aswell. Will they be on the bottom or will they not be feeding properly for a while yet?
  12. i wont be buying them brand new, just a mate of mine has got some new gear, and he said i can have his 2 fox rangers for £70. they are brill condition aswell, no markings etc...
  13. ill take the shimano reels and the bite alarms...is £70 for both reels and £40 for both alarms?
  14. hi mate, i would be interested in all the fox gear.... would it be possible to do everything through ebay? it would be the safer option for both of us
  15. hi, i'm looking to buy some Fox Ranger rods, but i would like to know what you think of these rods? are they stable/steady rods?
  16. thanks for the info.. i called my club manager and he said last week a guy had 20 carp out in a 3 day session , most weight in between 15 - 20lbs.. so hopefully i get one on monday..does anyone know how to prepare mussels for carp fishing?
  17. hi again.. i'm planning on having a day out on monday fishing at my club lake. Now i know the cold is just wearing off and its starting to at least warm up a tiny bit, but i was wondering is now an ok time to start fishing for the carp? i will be ringing my club officer in the atfernoon to see if anythings happening down there, but i would also like some advice from you guys. i will be using the running ledger ring, as i know the fish will most likely be closer to the bottom. Does anyone else have any advice to heed me in the right direction to hopefully catching my 1st carp this year. cheers
  18. i was just reading the updated article catch report on angel of the north lakes and they said that some good carp were taking on mussel... now i was wondering how would you actually prepare mussel? or would it be best getting the mussel flavoured boilies?
  19. well id usually be fishing on not very large waters, but i will be going to more places this year one of them be the wylands fishing centre.. so i usually use a 2 or 3 rod set up, with bite alarms, usually on a running ledger.
  20. i think its about time i got some new gear, the gear i got a year ago wasnt expensive but does the job as always, but i was thinking of maybe getting some new gear. does anyone no of any good deals on rods and reels that are decent for carp/specimen fishing?
  21. hi, i was just wondering if there is many north east carp anglers on here?, i live in the newcastle area and was wondering if there would be any anglers willing to let me tag along to a few sessions as a friend of mine recently lost interest in carp fishing, and i was hoping someone may be willing to let me tag along to learn new things etc... as ive only been carp fishing for 2 years
  22. hey, i was thinking about maybe fgiving anglers paradise ago this summer sometime, and i was wondering if anyone had an idea of how much a week would cost with accomodation per person. any help would be appreciated
  23. hi, i am looking for a new decent bite alarm and pod combination at a good price, does anyone know where i could find one, or does anyone have any for sale?
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