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  1. I think thats a good point Rich, I have always believed, its not the camera, its the person behind the camera that counts . . . Ask Janet, the number of times I have said to her, "the photographers eye is all important". Puts that one to bed nicely dont you think More than one way to skin a cat . . . SW
  2. I hope the camera manufacturers are reading this . . . all they need to do is a cheap as chips, manual, no frills DSLR, and all the 'Photoholics' will be happy . . . yeh . . . all the knobs and buttons, the more the merrier, dont want to use them of course . . . just for show you understand Now which banana tree did I get out of??? SW
  3. All very well Steve, but how often can you get away with f8 as a standard setting on ISO100? 50% maybe? before the shutter speed gets two low for comfort, but then, you might be on a tripod, not many use tripods? (I agree ISO200 can be a more flexible option, one Nikon tend to embrace) Fifty percent is a figure out of the air, but I now that the camera does not select f8 in anything but brightest sunlight which is often not best conditions for photography? You are not wrong in your "use manual" if you are in the 'Photoholic, main hobby, many years experience mold', and single minded about w
  4. OK Steve, thats your view. I do things to suit the way I think. For me I got what I wanted when I did my menu adjustments. Not all on AN have the camera type or the desire to go into 'Photoholic complications mode', and those that did, I suspect, 'moved on' . . . ? Me, perhaps I will be having a play with RAW, if I can get some enthusiasum, I have tried it, I know its good points. However the way things are going at the moment, its not worth my trouble I need a long hard think . . . and a bit of inspiration, in the meantime, all will go on as befor??? SW
  5. Mmm, interesting that Rob, I'm completely the other way round, have no interest in . . . 'playing with photos' But 'a theme', a goal to achive. . . we all need a goal in life, something to aim for, otherwise it all gets a bit bland and pointless Just my view SW
  6. Great picture Judy, well done I had it and the angel fish as 'neck and neck' in my book, but, as I'm a sucker for the sunrise . . .
  7. ** I do like the way you say one thing Worms . . . 'manual best'? . . . and then advocate something totally different, 'Auto'= quote; 'spur of the moment pictures' = simples . . . in this case I totally agree . . . please read on . . . Why do things need to be complicated . . . Never understood this one in photographic terms, the amount of times I've seen 'use manual', inferring, auto can't be any good??? There is a need to use some of the manual function on a modern camera on some occasions. However, things have got better, technology has improved, so make the best of it, you paid a lo
  8. Janet, all this has hapened since we stoped the monthly 'themed picture challange', (or it certainly seems that way)? I agree with you, for me it was the 'spice' to get out and do something, I said it then, "a mistake to drop the theme", sorry if that sounds like 'I told you so . . . but I did' whoops! Trouble is are we shutting the door after the horse has bolted? I certainly dont get out much with the camera these days, no reason to . . . its only since Hazel has taken a real interest that I bother . . . No one else I know is interested in photography . . . my falt I supose, we have
  9. Quote Poldark; "Luddite? yes I probably am one of those....I do fiddle with some of my pics, but for the comp I think simple cropping is all that should be allowed, even straightening horizons should not be allowed. Modern cameras work perfectly well on Auto, I would suggest that only allowing cropping would encourage entrants to improve their technique" Cant agree entirely Den, it takes a lot of camera menu fiddling to get an acceptably consistent 'spot on'ish' picture from some cameras, I've seen the film, got the t-shirt on that one! What you are suggesting is 'snapshot'ing' in my b
  10. Mmm, an interesting response Quote Poldark: "Remember, this comp was set up on an angling website, and was meant as a bit of fun/interest to encourage us to post some of our pics, not to get seriously involved in "the art of photography" with all the so called fine tuning" . . . Nail on the head Den Quote Worms: . . . . "getting better pictures comes from improving ones camera skills. If one isn't happy with the auto shots switch to manual and use it like a film SLR. It is after all a photography section of the forum and not a computer skills section" . . . ? Not quite sure if thats
  11. I'm with Judy here, not being able to tell whats what. There is the revers effect of course, those that prefer 'proper, old fashioned luddite style photography' might not bother . . . win a few loose a few more? Me thinks revitalising has to be don another way, . . . what that might be, I ain't got a clue (personal opinion of course) May be, every dog has its day . . . These are anglers that enjoy doing a bit of photography because of the circumstances they find them selves in, great scenery, sunrises, wild lif, etc. Its not a dedicated photo site, the dedicated anorak types have
  12. Wow Janet, HDR, thats going a bit OTT . . . . Tin hat time me thinks . . . However I do agree with spicing things up a little, some how SW
  13. Here you go Worms, I use 'Veals' own, but there is 'Varivas' as well on this page: Mmm, low memory 250lb . . . ? is ther such a thing . . . Ah yes, 'thick' and 'low memory', thats me . . . https://www.veals.co.uk/acatalog/Hook_Lengt...Trace_Line.html SW
  14. Yep Janet, I agree, a thin line around can work very well, often defines the picture, however, its very rare for the 3 or 4mm lines to look anything more than a memorial notice. Then again, a very wide black border can look great hung on the wall, but best with a thin line around the picture, a white gap and then the heavy wide boarder. Obviously playing with colours is a good idea, black thin line, white then perhaps a deep magenta, or strong ocker, grey perhaps, I could even visualise rose pink in some situations? I'm sure you see the point. However, personally, I have always used as my
  15. Janet . . . why use a frame Plain and simple . . . ??? IMHO Just cos its there, don't mean you have to use it, cynical ain't I, sorry. SW
  16. Great crop on the beach shot Janet, very clean, the eye is not distracted . . . much? . . . I dont like the 'memorial notice' border? . . . although it almost seems appropriate for the House of Horrors B&W grave yard pick . . . yes I like that one although a 'thin black line frame' would still be better . . . IMHO SW
  17. It was a bolt the same thread as in the camera base, tie some string to it and tie a large washer to the other end, (string needs to be correct length), stand on washer and pull string tight. Not my idea, it was a recommendation but I cant remember who??? I've a better one now, at that time, the steady was for Hazel . . . I'm suffering a little these days with camera shake, so I use a 'Walking Pod', a mono pod that looks like and is as light as a walking stick or a hiking pole, unscrew the top and screw on the camera, lengthen the stick by a half twist, brilliant tool. Hazel is using one
  18. I bottom fish and drift the shallow water off Felixstowe all the time and am just making the transition to braid . . . The trick is, for me, light forgiving rod, takes that initial hit, I use Abu Suveran 7'-9", 12-20lb class, work well with mono as well! 20lb braid, 0.19mm dia., 20lb mono leader twice the rod length, is about right. It works well for me. I'm not sure about the wreck fishing dont do much of that up here, but a 40lb rod sounds a bit heavy for braid to me???? Abu do a 20-30lb Suveran which I use sometimes, but am feeling its still a bit OTT??? Have not used mine for 9 m
  19. I have one of these Maxximus 10-20lb, they were being offered cheap as seconds. Thought it a bit floppy at the time, never even got as far as the boat! Relegated to the back of the shed, they were being less than universally well received at the time if I remember, " . . . wet spaghetti action, poor rings corroding quickly . . . " Dug it out of the 'sad rod heap' this evening. Mmm, a light through action for sure, but with my new thinking, as a braid equipped rod it might just be a bit of fun? I wonder, as mine is a couple of years old now, does the blank material mature with age, cos'
  20. Not particularly wanting to get into the Braid-Mono thing, I'm certainly finding that new modern style braid fishes better than the old floppy/soft type, and a little thicker is good for me as well, about 0.20mm suits me for general fishing. Coupled to the modern style 'braid rod blank'. A 30lb blank was fine with stretchy mono, the two actions together soften things out, braid on a 30lb class blank . . . bit stiff? no line give!!! So we come down to 12lb + braid still fishing for the same fish, braid transfers the fight straight to a light forgiving rod, thats how I perceive it. I have
  21. Greys Longboat: Here you go mate, quick search, closest I could see £81.00 http://www.garryevans.co.uk/greys-longboat...rods-1176-p.asp SW PS Something strange about the prices . . . I might have been looking at the price of the new fixed reel seet version????
  22. I bought mine at that price for the pair, a few years back, they then went up . . . but I have seen them in the past 12 months around that price, but to remember where, took little notice, I'm not in the market ? ? ? You will need to look on the net and at the mag adverts? SW
  23. Pity the modern Ugly Stick is not a patch on its former self . . . ? Greys Longboat: Here you go mate, I own a pair of 15-20's, they were the replacement for a pair of Abu Ambassadors which I loved, no longer available. The reel seat is neat, as you wind the grip nut onto the reel foot it clamps via pressure on the tongue, making a good tight fit, the butt material is a hard rubber, seat to butt fit is excellent, almost to good, keep the but clean! I think they do a couple of lighter blanks these day, down to 5 or 10lbs??? As for the 15-20lb, great fishing rod, originally
  24. If only they still made them like that Steve . . . I can thoroughly recommend the Suveran 12lb boat rod Steve, very much the same but more recent scenario. I've tried and owned all sorts, but the first rod I pick up for general boat fishing, up or down tide, is the 12lb Suveran and a Swedish built ABU 7500 and yes I have a matched pair too Got a couple of the old red ABU's as well, circa 80's-ish. Trying braid, again . . . at the moment, its to early to come to a conclusion, is the extra money worth it? this will be the first cod season . . . definitely a for bassing, especially on
  25. Would not touch an ABU 6600-LD!!! I had one and was glad when it went over the side!!!, big bass (I think) riped the rod out of my hands, (I have poor grip in my right hand) the clutch just did not work well enough, it was always sticky! I have six 7000's and a 6500 Rocket, great reels, but the 6600 . . . By the way, the insurance company paid up Suveran 12-20, plus ABU reel = £300! I bought a new Suveran and the Rocket as a replacement to the 6600. SW
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