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  1. Hello, Just started sea fishing and really enjoying it but feel I need to get a better rod for beach fishing. Currenty using a budget carp rod to cast from chesil with a fairly decent fixed spool reel. Any one care to recommend a beach rod. Ideally I would like to spend about £60 but is that a false economy? I fish ocassionally, ideally once a month but more in summer so don't go enough to spend a hugh amount. I have a range of coarse rods for float work and spinning so I need a rod that can get my bait to the fish off chesil. Looked at a Fox Impressa but am very open to suggestions. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice. I live very close to ferrybridge so we may well give it a go there. cheers
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum and new to sea fishing (been a general coarse angler for many years). I live in weymouth and am taking a friend fishing for a few mackerel this evening. Hoping to use some lures or float with makerel strips on pretty light tackle. Has anyone got any ideas on where the mackerel are showing at the moment or are we wasting our time? I have a car and can travel a bit. Well pleased to have found this forum and the stuff on returning mackerel was very useful. Cheers
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