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  1. please help my wife is wanting 2 goto hellaby jehovahs witness convetion but will not drive so i want a fishing venue near by so i can drop her off and i can go fishing please help if possible
  2. thankyou 4 that link i'll be joining asap
  3. thankyou brian can u tell me how 2 get in touch with stoksely angling club
  4. carp tench but anywhere that as a good mix bag
  5. please could anyone give me a good venue 4 beginner in cleveland north east
  6. hi newbie at fishing and fishing this easter monday with the weater forecasting cold whatfish would it be best aiming for plz help
  7. madkipper


    At my local pond there was a shoal of perch but could not reach them i was feeding maggots in my swim but could not attract the shoal over an help please
  8. Reading an article in T.C.F a angler had success with snails one session, and never used them since. I wonder if an one out there uses snails regular and what success you ve had ?
  9. Going fishing at ingleby road fishery north yorkshire . i wonder if any of you fished there and if i could get some tip and hints. thankyou
  10. i am new 2 fishing also but catched my first tench 2 weeks ago using sweetcorn on hairrig and some post me 2 use lunchmeat marinated in curry powder so i am going 2 try that i know its not much but i hpoe it helps
  11. yes fishing there alot tench and mirror carp.
  12. Anyone living in the saltburn area cleveland willing 2 show me the ropes thanks
  13. how do make your know expo for tench
  14. If you could let me know how u make your own expo for tench that would be great
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