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  1. hi i am goin mirror pool soon and i just wondering if any of u had been b4 and what u thought about it thanks.
  2. hi i am fairly new to boilie fishing and i was reading an advert for a boilie i guess i must of just read it wrong lol and to the other reply there are only a few crawfish and the owner say it will b ok to use small or soft baits so i am not worrying about that to much. thanks
  3. hi trevor i have asked the owner of the lake and they do not sell any baits, they sell pellets what i will be using to catapult or spod out but i was looking for hook bait what willhopefully catch many of carp for me on mi holiday
  4. hi chris thanks for the advice i think what i will do is take the recamended bait sweetcorn and buy the pellets but also take some fresh boilies and try them both and then which ever bait tends to catch more fish (if any)lol switch completly to that
  5. hi chris i knew of the pellets it also say that sweetcorn is a good bait too but i thought if all the anglers are using these baits the fish may be put off, and that is y i was asking if any one knew of other good baits to use, basicsly show the carp sime thing different and hopfully they will go crazy for it thanks for the replys p.s lucky man living in france with all those big carp
  6. hi rob thanks for the advice the thing what attracted me to these boilies is that i know that they are packed with amino acids apparently more so than other boilies and i know that must b good for the fishing coz it is good for the fish so i thought that they wud do the natural thing and eat to grow, also i find the amino flavour and fishmeal type groundbait normally brings in the fish for me
  7. hi money isnt that tight i was just looking for a good bait to take with me to france and i was advised by a few ppl on these baits if u know of any good ones then plz tell me of them, if i had a regular bait i wud b taking that but i seem to try different baits almost ever week lol thanks for the reply m8
  8. hi trevor thanks for the reply it seems that there isnt just you who hasnt had a good catch record on them boilies i have heard off many people that the catcherbaits boilie range is much better and cheaper!
  9. hi rob http://www.zebco-europe.net/zebco/index.ph...=174&lang=2 that site will tell you all about that boilie range they are a product of browning thanks for all the advice, but could you advise me on what groundbait tends to work well for you and i am thinking of using the method feeder so for a weeks fishing how much would u think that i wud need thank.
  10. hi does any one know if the quantum cyber boilies in hot shrimp flavour is any good, also do you know where i can get some, and could i get them in a 10 kilo tub thanks.
  11. thanks rob for the reply, my local tackle shop has recently shut down:( does any one know of any tackle shops that sell the quantum cyber boilies preferable in 10 kilo tubs thanks
  12. hi rob thanks for the reply do u know of any tackle shops which sell the quantum cyber boilies coz i cant seem to find any as my local tackle shop is closing down they dont provide them no more
  13. hi i am goin to the mirror pool fishery in france soon and it will be my first time french carp fishing and i am undicided on the bait i should take i was thinking of taking the quantum cyber boilies in hot shrimp flavour i would be glad of the advice if you could tell me if you have had good catch records with these boilies or if you know of any other good baits thanks.
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