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  1. Ash87


    No offence taken as you will find/found out my spelling and Punctuation isnt that good but I try Thanks starlight sounds good, how do you go about getting a day ticket for there? Also has anyone tried the Little Ouse river at Thetford?
  2. Ash87


    I would like to try river fishing soon but unsure of anywhere to go around the bury st edmunds area dont mind traveling if anyone's got any suggestions? Cheer's
  3. Cheer's Dave will try that also just been told it may have been line bite's. Dont think there are any crayfish at this pond Melpen but will keep an eye out. Ash
  4. Hi all, went fishing this morning at my local lake/pond to try out my new grey's prodigy float rod (lovely bit of kit so much more fun then using a carp rod) caught 2 small carp and a roach. Towards the end when I was loose feeding with maggots my float would go under and stay there but there would'nt be anything there and the maggot was still on the hook now this happend about 4 times any idea as to why I didnt catch? I had the depth of the hook set towards the bottom if that make's any difference Thank's Ash
  5. Look's like A nice piece of kit, 3 sections as well so mite fit in the boot . Hopefully my tackle shop will have these rod's in stock so I can have A gander this week.
  6. Im liking the look of these three Drennan Series 7 Competition Float 13ft and Greys Prodigy Float rod and Greys Prodigy Power Float. Has anyone had any experience with any of these rods god or bad?
  7. Cheer's for the advice eerm and barry. After doing alot of reading this past week iv'e decided a float rod would be my best choice for coarse fishing rather than just targeting big carp by ledgering and would give me the sport i'm looking for. Now i'm alowing upto 100 to get a float rod with so any advice/reviews on which rod to get.
  8. Hello Iv'e recently got into fishing and I braught a wychwood 2 3/4lb tc carp rod with a wychwood rogue 50 reel with 10lb line. Now the little lake I have been fishing at has carp to 7lbs, roach, tench and rud, I now realize this outfit is overkill for there and im probly missing bite's when im ledgering as the rod is to stiff. I will be wanting to fish at river's in the near future so im after a rod with more feel is this a good rod? Shimano Catana AX Barbel Specialist Thank's
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